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With Case Management Software, you can:

Automate repetitive, manual and paper-based tasks

Improve adherence to internal business rules

Centralize all information surrounding a case or project

Leverage point-and-click configurability to deploy solutions rapidly

Handle high-value exceptions more efficiently

Scale case management features across departments

Empower your team to make smarter decisions

Identify opportunities for improved productivity

Increase visibility and exercise greater controls

Shorten customer service time

Stay ahead of compliance and audit concerns

Connect and merge data from disconnected systems

Use Cases Include, But Are not Limited to:

Compliance tracking

Contract Lifecycle Management (contract request & review, compliance, research)

Contract management

Facilities Management (facility request issue, project management)

Incident resolution

Fraud investigation management

Agenda Management

Healthcare, provider and medical credentialing

Anti-Money Laundering

Human Resources (employee onboarding checklist, complaints, recruiting)

Complaint Management

Insurance claims processing

Departments of Social Services

IT Management (project request, IT trouble ticket)

Customer onboarding

Vendor Management (vendor request, incident tracking, selection)

Loan document tracking

Help Your Organization Embrace Change


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Frequently Asked Questions

Case management solution puts your organization ahead of your competition and the digital transformation wave. Not only does it help save time, it offers case workers to take complex, real-time initiatives based on the constantly varying data and information with dashboards and interfaces that deliver a seamless experience.
SquareOne Technologies has extensive DCM experience and has delivered solutions more than 12 years. The true value in our approach lies in our ability to deliver a fully managed program on a platform, enabling the client to start their continuous innovation and transformation journey.

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