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Intelligent Document Capture Solution benefits

Faster, straight-through processing

Content from documents entering through any channel, in any format, is automatically extracted, understood, and delivered, removing manual processing friction.

Control, predictability, and compliance

Gain full chain of custody reporting and management for fine-tuning of results, while ensuring end-to-end compliance with your process and security models.

Smooth transactions, smart decisions, rapid action

Leverage customer-provided data to accelerate transactions, make smarter decisions, and provide quick, accurate responses to your customers.

Data validation and control

Critical data fields, context, and entities are identified, validated, and automatically processed according to business rules and requirements. The system can be easily trained and uses ongoing machine learning for continuous improvements and cost control.

Intelligent data extraction

By leveraging Natural Language Processing (NLP) technology, you can now automate the identification and extraction of data from unstructured, complex documents likes contracts and emails, along with structured and semi-structured documents, helping to accelerate transactions while significantly reducing operating costs and errors.

Key Capabilities of our Intelligent Document Capture Solution

Unassisted Machine Learning

Using patented unassisted machine learning algorithms, you can find common data elements in uncommon places without building any templates and easily extract that data without prior setup.

Robust Classification Engine

Achieve rapid document processing with a robust, patented classification engine that leverages artificial intelligence to identify, classify, categorize, and separate different document types.

Multiple Document Sources

Capture documents from wherever they enter your organization, including email, scanner, monitored folder, and other sources.

Localization Support

Optical Character Recognition (OCR) support is offered in different languages, and includes localization for currency, date, and address formats.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Intelligent Document Processing or IDP is a technology solution for extracting data from unstructured paper forms and assets and converting it into a structured form that can be used for further processing towards end-to-end automation. As almost 90% of data that is generated is in unstructured format, which requires knowledge workers to manually key in the data, IDP is the technology of choice in almost all service industries and shared services.

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