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Enterprise Information Management

Workflow Automation

Workflow automation is revolutionizing business operations by leveraging software and technologies to automate processes that organizations find to be repetitive, manual and time consuming. By automating workflows, organizations can ensure all the tasks within the workflow processes are executed accurately, consistently and rapidly, leading to improved productivity and reduced operational costs.

Document Management Solution

A document management solution (DMS) is a software system that helps organizations store, manage, and track electronic documents and images of paper-based information.

Enterprise Print Management

Print management solution enables you to control, manage and monitor your entire print environment. All to reduce costs, bolster security and improve ease-of-use. As an industry leader in both cloud-based and on-premises print management software and services, we'll make your printing operations more secure, efficient, user-friendly and sustainable.

Enterprise Search

An enterprise search solution is a powerful tool to index, search, and display content from across all your organisation’s complex repositories in a fast, secure, and easily manageable way. It can improve your organisation's decision making, productivity, customer service, and cost effectiveness.

Intelligent Document Capture

Our Intelligent Document Capture Solution helps you eliminate paper, boost productivity and cut costs. It uses data capture to turn documents into easily searchable digital files. This helps you automate approvals and other processes, and share extracted information with back-end systems.

Case Management

Case Management empowers organizations with instant, secure access to critical information, workflow tasks and key analytics anywhere, anytime. It integrates most business tools to streamline processes by automating and modernizing tasks to take away the hassle of manual, paper-based content management.

Document Management

Document management solution from SquareOne Technologies lets you get content under control, with seamless information governance and effective GDPR compliance that directly translates to tangible business benefits. You can break down silos and enable productivity, anywhere, with a world-class enterprise document management system.

Enterprise Content Management

ECM software is an enhanced document management system. Like document management, an ECM solution helps you capture, store, and retrieve your paper and electronic data in a single electronic location. Then, add in the ability to manage a larger variety of content, automate processes, track statuses in real-time, and integrate with your current business applications, and you have an ECM solution.