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Web and mobile applications have quickly become critical assets for colleges and universities looking to stay current. However, many schools struggle to deliver the applications that will help accelerate their digital journey and meet the ever-growing demands of students and staff members. Whether to streamline operations, or to enable new campus services, our low-code application solutions enable higher education institutions to build what they need in a much faster and more collaborative manner.

Automate administrative efforts by way of streamlining previously complex or tedious processes. Drive operational efficiency by reducing costs of services and support. Deliver applications that engage students and faculty, alike.

Imagine if you could take all the data gathered by departments across your institution – from Accounts Payable to Admissions, Student Advising to Student Housing, transcript processing to Title IX compliance – and access it through a singular, configurable interface. Our solutions for higher education extend far beyond the back office into all aspects of your cross-departmental processes and operations.


Intelligent Automation

  • Course Registration, Shortlisting & Enrollment
  • Attendance Management
  • Meeting Scheduling and Timetable Updates
  • Report Card Processing
  • Managing Student Grading
  • Transcript Updation For Students
  • Email Sorting & Reconciliation

Enterprise Information Management

  • HR processes
  • Student Management
  • Correspondence Management System

Data & AI

  • Educational data-mining
  • Intelligent curriculum and adaptive content
  • Personalized education & learning support system
  • Student retention
  • Alumini Fundraising

Business Application Platforms

  • IT Services
  • Maintanance Services
  • Transportation Tracking Services
  • Library Management System