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Simplify your Data management in the Oracle Ecosystem with More4apps Solutions

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Oracle Business Suites consists of effective functions that can help you handle difficult business tasks. Businesses in an Oracle environment utilize these suites for seamless Oracle data management and scalability. However, users often worry about facing data loading issues and data accuracy errors that make it hard to manage and move data.

More4Apps is a crucial catalyst with a toolbox suite of solutions for Oracle EBS and cloud ERP that helps organizations enhance productivity and optimize data management. The toolbox offers the proficiency to manage pre-validated data quickly compared to Web ADI, ADFdi, and FBDI and enables users to finalize data loads into a single spreadsheet.

SquareOne, the More4apps Partner in the Middle East, assists businesses in streamlining and improving their data processes, reliability, and integration across all sectors. Get ready to optimize the data loading process for better business outcomes!

Data Accuracy Assurance

Excel-Based Analysis

Secured Oracle Connections

SquareOne, the More4apps Partner for Effortless Data Loading  

SquareOne, being a More4apps Partner in the Middle East, delivers advanced solutions for Oracle EBS and ERP. This strategic partnership focuses on optimizing data loading processes and ensuring business integrity for all our clients by addressing organizational and technical challenges to drive business growth.

Excel Integration

Minimizing data loading issues by integrating Excel seamlessly into Oracle with efficient handling of extensive data uploads without interruption.

Mass Uploads in Oracle

Managing large volumes of data is simplified with Excel-based software, ensuring updates and conversions without the need for customized tools.

Automate Repetitive Tasks

Powerful Excel-based data loading wizards are created for simplifying data entry tasks and automating repetitive tasks.

Customization Based on Workflows

Tailored solutions from Oracle EBS and the cloud toolbox solutions are customized for various sectors to fulfil business needs effectively

More4apps Solutions Customized for your Industry

SquareOne, being a leading More4apps solutions partner in the UAE, offers solutions through a Toolbox suite in the Oracle environment to maintain the integrity of business data.

Here is a List of Industries for Which we Offer Solutions


Giving manufacturing teams reliable data helps them meet the desires of the market and customer expectations, which enables businesses to accelerate the manufacturing process and operations to attain better financial results.


Improves user experience with consolidated data and assists in retail sector to meet consumer demands efficiently and adapt to fast paced industry quickly to enhance customer satisfaction

Supply Chain

Facilitating better inventory management and analyzing supply performance by validating real-time data to optimize supply chain planning and reduce costs.


Helping insurance companies analyze vast amounts of data easily, streamline the reporting process and automate routine tasks to improve operational efficiency and informed decision making.


Empower financial teams with the integration of hassle-prone tools to get regular reports regarding all financial activities with robust security, complete validation checks and avoid the dependencies of IT teams.


Improves healthcare operations and patient care with pre-validated data to detect errors and enhance overall efficiency.


Helping educational institutions analyze student performance and administrative reports for overall educational outcomes and learning experiences for student’s growth.


Facilitating banks to manage customer data and transaction reports with excel based software to streamline the financial process, data integrity and customer experience

Public Sector

Integrating data loading solutions into public sector systems to validate government data, fix errors swiftly and generate detailed reports in an advanced single spreadsheet.

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Top Reasons to Choose More4apps for Data Loading in Oracle

Highly Secure Platform

Data is protected and ensures compliance using a reliable and up-to-date platform that integrates data security for Oracle ERP products with existing Oracle security measures.

Streamlining Processes

Modernize data management with More4Apps to manage and download Oracle data into Excel, saving time and enhancing operational efficiency

Accelerated Implementation

Enhance usability, guaranteeing quick adoption and seamless integration for informed decision making with easy implementation of Oracle EBS and Cloud tools to upload data quickly and familiar Excel interfaces for Oracle systems to

Regular Assistance

Ensure prompt responses and seamless operation by assisting businesses to focus on core organizational objectives by swiftly resolving and providing tailored solutions that cater to the unique needs of companies with ongoing support

Optimize Operations

Simplify business operational processes and maintain productivity by eliminating tedious Oracle forms and creating intelligent spreadsheets that streamline data entry and enhance accuracy.

Oracle EBS Solutions with More4apps 

SquareOne, a More4apps consultant in the Middle East, provides a partnership solution for solving data loading issues with the Oracle EBS toolbox for end users by blending Excel and Oracle to streamline repetitive data for a smarter way to maintain Oracle EBS data.

Accounts Payable Invoice Processing

More4Apps Oracle EBS solutions provide enhanced invoice processing for business productivity by reducing the cost of data, enhancing data quality and eliminating manual entry. It also helps teams prioritize high value tasks and the mass data loading feature enables easy download of purchase orders.

Data Migration

Delays in projects often arise due to inefficiencies in file manipulation and output verification, which results in delays in data migration processes. More4apps addresses these challenges with a ready-to-use data migration tool that is reliable enough to work across all Oracle EBS versions and accomplish a seamless migration.

Finance Sector

Using Oracle forms like Dataloader, WebADI, ADFdi, and FBDI can be time consuming. More4apps’s self-service Excel enables finance teams to easily access Oracle ERP data, ensuring error-free data production.

Master Data Management

Managing master data with disconnected spreadsheets can hinder critical business processes. More4apps’s Oracle master data management solutions find and fix errors, ensure accuracy, make and load bulk modifications and accelerate product launch timelines.

Procure to Pay

Businesses can easily handle the procurement lifecycle and guarantee visibility with user-friendly tools of More4apps. It easily minimizes the buying process while ensuring effective management oversight, reducing catalog procurement and processing vendor payments quickly.


Using conventional Oracle forms to import data efficiently can be tedious and complicated. With the More4apps Oracle EBS solutions, you can easily create and maintain Oracle projects using a single, customizable Excel spreadsheet, thereby increasing productivity and eliminating mistakes.

Purchase Order Processing

Easily create and manage purchase orders and agreements within a familiar Excel spreadsheet with More4apps Oracle EBS software solution. It allows customers to reduce manual entry while ensuring accurate data loading processes to easily track and control payments.

Supplier Data Management

Manual data entry into Oracle is slow and error-prone, impacting Oracle ERP accuracy for managing supplier data. The More4apps suite allows end-users to save time and reduce errors by loading supplier data directly into Excel, ensuring immediate error feedback and seamless integration with Oracle.

Transactional Data

Automate transactional data entry and remove the requirement for offline spreadsheets by eliminating manual data entry into Oracle ERP with More4apps. It enables users to swiftly import data into Oracle ERP, optimize workflows, and reduce expenses.

More4apps Oracle Fusion Cloud Applications

SquareOne offers Oracle ERP Cloud Solutions, saving time to maintain the integrity of mass uploads of data within a single spreadsheet.

Finance Module

Oracle’s financial transaction process can be complex and time-consuming. With More4apps ERP master data management solutions, it helps improve Oracle ERP finance data processes directly within Excel, enhance invoice processing, maintain supplier relationships and ensure data accuracy.

Procurement Module

Oracle procurement data entry limits data visibility, making it challenging for users to manage and identify issues. More4apps ERP cloud toolbox provides Oracle fusion procurement solutions that facilitate the generation of purchase orders and requisitions in large quantities, which guarantees seamless and effective operations by reducing costs associated with IT resources,

Product Definition Module

Track and manage manufacturing processes with ease using the product definition module from More4apps, eliminating the need for background monitoring and creating items straight from your working spreadsheet to save time entering data manually.

Projects Module

Tracking project accounts can be difficult using a manual process, which reduces the reliability of the Oracle ERP system. More4apps solutions offer fully integrated spreadsheets using customizable layouts based on projects with cost adjustments, plan resources and allocate tasks with its integrators within excel.

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Why Choose SquareOne as the Ultimate Business Partner


Implementing a digital transformation solution with seasonal professionals, who have considerable expertise in More4apps toolkit for data management solutions for business success.

Customer Satisfaction

Ensuring customers are satisfied with More4apps solutions by providing personalized service, seeking regular feedback and fostering loyalty for continuous improvement to build strong relationships with customers.

Post-Implementation Support

Securely implement ongoing support for users with More4apps solutions to address areas of improvement promptly and guarantee smooth system running.

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More4apps is known for creating intuitive software applications for Oracle ERP and Fusion Cloud users, facilitating quick data upload and download operations with Excel to ensure your business’s data integrity.

The EBS Toolbox outperforms Web ADI with its ability to support mass data entry, real-time data validation, and instant error feedback in a single spreadsheet UI. It also allows for user customizable layouts and upgrades data seamlessly.

SquareOne leverages the partnership with more4apps to make it easier to handle data in the Oracle E-Business Suite, which brings together the power of Excel and Oracle through the EBS Toolbox to streamline data entry tasks and make better business decisions.
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The difference between Oracle E-Business Suite (EBS) is that the application suite runs on-premises and Oracle Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) is that the software and associated data are hosted on cloud-based systems.

SquareOne solves ERP data loading issues with the More4apps ERP cloud toolbox, allowing users to upload and manage mass data within an Excel spreadsheet, reducing errors and improving business processes.