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In the year 2000, a gathering of Oracle consultants convened for lunch to exchange insights on their ongoing projects. During their discussions, they identified a recurring task that demanded attention: data conversion.

Given their consultant roles, each member possessed various versions of SQL loader scripts, simplifying the modification of SQL scripts. However, they encountered three specific challenges that were both time-consuming and posed security risks, making them prone to errors.

In a somewhat jesting manner, one developer in the group proposed the idea of constructing an application capable of directly loading data from an Excel spreadsheet into Oracle E-Business Suite. This solution aimed to address the identified challenges and enhance efficiency for their clients.

In a matter of months, a prototype was crafted and promptly tested among their existing clients. Following adjustments and refinements to their tools, More4apps officially came into existence.

While Oracle systems may present complexities, More4apps offers tools that establish a secure, integrated connection to a company’s live Oracle E-Business Suite or Oracle Fusion Cloud Applications data. This connection ensures the accuracy of data loading and facilitates analysis through a user-friendly Excel interface.

More4apps operates as a privately held company, governed by a board of five shareholders led by a non-executive chairman. All shareholders actively contribute to management roles within the business.