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Oil & GAS

The oil & gas industry sees large price swings based on supply and demand. There is great potential to optimize efficiencies and leverage data-driven solutions in the upstream, midstream, and downstream processing of oil and gas.

Analysts in oil and gas face the challenge of accessing, joining, and analyzing data from many different sources. Our Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning solutions empower oil and gas analysts with self-service data analytics, allowing them to prep and blend data from all sources, and apply analytics — predictive, statistical, and spatial — to deliver deeper insights in hours, not weeks, all through a repeatable workflow, no coding required. Prep and blend multiple data types — spatial, geological, seismic, weather, and more — to make more informed exploration decisions for drilling and bidding. Compare the actual versus estimated costs at the well level and calculate other key performance metrics aligned to capital investment to better understand drilling and completions.

With our content management solutions, triggering devices send data – information on a gas leak, for example – that is automatically captured and integrated into your enterprise resource planning solution (ERP). This system also automates the entire process from the sensors, the work order management system, the ERP and finally to the mobile devices of workers in the field.


Intelligent Automation

  • Automation of field operations
  • Automation of compliance regulations
  • Automation of field operations
  • Close process automation
  • Revenue calculation
  • Accounting and Finance tasks in Joint Ventures
  • Lease record management
  • Logistics and shipment management

Enterprise Information Management

  • Commercial Mgt.(Tender Processing)
  • Employment request
  • Employee status change
  • Personal development program
  • Item codification modification
  • Ship acquisition and chartering
  • Vendor evaluation form
  • Internal doc approval

Data & AI

  • Upstream and midstream optimization
  • Downstream optimization
  • Predictive and preventive maintenance
  • Risk-Based maintenance
  • Health and performance optimization

Business Application Platforms

  • Purchase Request Automation
  • Purchase Order Automation
  • Payment Automation
  • Time Management
  • Policy Management
  • Ticketing Management System Services