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Unlock the full potential of your Oracle Fusion Data

Discover the top 5 advantages of utilizing a robust reporting tool like SplashOC for enhanced data analysis and decision-making, complementing Oracle OTBI’s capabilities for Oracle Cloud users.

OTBI equips organizations with various tools to explore business operations, offering ad-hoc analysis, dashboards, and specific reports. These tools aid in recognizing trends, tracking key performance indicators, and facilitating data-informed decisions.

While OTBI delivers valuable insights, analyzing and interpreting its data can be complex. SplashOC, developed by SplashBI, enhances this by integrating with OTBI to offer advanced analytics capabilities. This enhancement supports better business decisions and boosts profitability.

Download this whitepaper to understand the top 5 benefits that businesses obtain when they leverage the power of SplashOC with their existing OTBI platform.