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Provide faster, improved access to content

No matter where or how content enters your organization, OnBase captures it to provide faster, simpler, improved access to those who need it most. Beyond importing documents – from scanners, electronic locations and mobile devices – and ingesting data in a variety of ways, OnBase also automatically extracts data from incoming documents. This minimizes manual data entry and speed processes from the point of ingestion.

OnBase provides these capture capabilities alongside content management, case management and BPM capabilities – speeding business processes from beginning to end.


OnBase has an entire spectrum of capture options to meet any organizations’ needs. This includes batch scanning options, on-demand scanning options and even outsourcing options to make sure your content is centralized as quickly as possible and your resources are used as efficiently as possible.

When your relevant business information is in electronic form, it can get scattered across file shares, email inboxes, Microsoft SharePoint sites, fax servers and other business systems. Importing your electronic documents into OnBase allows you to manage them in combination with your other important and related business content. Centralizing your information allows you to have one single place where you can:

  • Securely access all of your important information
  • Route all of your related information through your business processes
  • Manage the complete cycle of corporate records

Giving your employees that mobile connectivity can help work run smoother. Among OnBase mobile capabilities is mobile capture. Employees have the ability to instantly capture photos or images of documents using their devices and index them on the device to quickly upload them directly into OnBase. Those images are then accessible to anyone back at the office to start processing right away.
Also, electronic forms are available within the OnBase mobile application, allowing employees to ditch the paper forms entirely and just take a mobile device with them into the field. Complete the form, grab a signature from a client, constituent or student and quickly submit it to immediately trigger processes in OnBase.

OnBase data capture automatically classifies your important business documents, extracts and validates critical information and then updates your relevant systems, including OnBase itself.
Eliminating manual efforts around document processing can bring the following benefits:

  • Reduced costs, by lowering labor and document handling costs
  • Accelerated business processes, through automation
  • Improved service, by ensuring employees have up-to-date, accurate information right at their fingertips



  • Enters information into your back-end systems faster with automated data entry
  • Accelerates and improves decision-making by making accurate and up-to-date information more accessible to those who need it


  • Increases knowledge workers’ productivity by re-allocating them to higher-value tasks
  • Improves customer service by giving staff immediate access to information


  • Lowers operational costs by reducing manual labor
  • Reduces errors in your data through automated data validation
  • Removes expenses associated with storing and transporting paper documents


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