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RPA for Insurance


Insurance companies process vast amounts of data into actionable insights to improve underwriting, claims, and policyholder service. Insurers are reinventing their business models and replacing legacy platforms with emerging technologies to meet customer expectations. Robotic process automation (RPA) enables organizations to access data across disparate systems and automate repetitive manual tasks. With manual processes automated, employees can focus on developing innovative insurance products, accelerating claim handling, and improving fraud detection.

Lower Operating Costs
Automate repetitive, transactional tasks related to data collection and report generation.

Improve Risk Assessment
Quickly access diverse sources of data to enhance underwriting and fraud detection.

Enhance Service Delivery
Improve speed of service delivery by automating policy administration and agency management processes.
Use RPA to:

Improve claims management
Automate first notice of loss (FNOL) and adjudication processes to accelerate claim handling for policyholders.

Offer customized solutions
Use RPA to gain better insights about policyholder preferences and personalize solutions to meet customer needs.

Expedite decisions
Automate access to data in legacy systems to allow underwriters to quickly make product and pricing calls based on real-time information.

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