Flexible, agile and secure: Modernizing applications using Mendix

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Are you tired of managing legacy applications? Is traditional software development hindering you from optimizing your business applications in terms of speed, flexibility, and innovation?

If so, your quest for application modernization ends with Mendix. A powerful application development platform that elevates coding from textual to visual, abstracting and automating every step in the development lifecycle. Resolving bottlenecks from legacy development processes, Mendix’s low-code no-code platform is a game changer in application development.

This blog walks you through the significance of modernizing applications, Mendix’s contribution to low-code environments, and its advanced features designed to optimize complex development processes and elevate application performance.

Why modernize applications?

Today’s business landscape is a place of stark contrast; while companies strive to stay ahead of the competition, their legacy approaches to operations pull them down. Although companies are slowly adapting to demanding changes, application modernization has emerged as a critical lever for transformation. Here’s why modernizing applications is essential in the current business environment.

  • Application modernization is at the heart of digital transformation, empowering companies to leverage low-code development platforms to create agile, flexible, and user-centric applications.
  • Traditional application development is filled with limitations, from higher development costs to maintenance costs, the inflexibility of slow adaptation to market changes, and being susceptible to security breaches. These constraints hinder a business’s ability to innovate and grow.
  • Customer experience and expectations are like a never-ending uphill battle, always advancing and shifting. Today’s developers need intuitive interactions with seamless functionalities to create modernized applications. Low code applications facilitate rapid iteration capabilities that can refine the user experience, enabling businesses to adapt to evolving demands.

Addressing these limitations, modernizing applications eliminates conventional, erratic development approaches, making a case for creating next-generation applications that are responsive, efficient, and poised to drive innovation forward.

The image below depicts the possible business benefits of application modernization.

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Embracing application modernization using Mendix

Delivering smart, intuitive, and flexible applications has never been easier. With no code low code platforms leading in this ascent, Gartner predicts that about 70% of all the new applications will be developed on low-code platforms by 2025.

The major contributor to the rise in low-code platforms is Mendix. Mendix, being a leader in Low Code Application Platforms (LCAP), has established itself as the pivotal player in application modernization. With its prevalence as a low-code platform, Mendix accelerates application modernization by abstracting the coding for common reusable development processes, liberating enterprises from the burden of complex development.

Assessing its growth and influence in the low code market, Gartner’s Quadrants has marked Mendix as a trusted leader in the latest edition of 2023.

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Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for enterprise application low-code platforms, edition 2023

Here’s a quick rundown on Mendix’s capabilities:

  • Mendix’s architecture supports virtually any line of business application development, including both back-end and front-end functionalities.
  • Facilitates modernization and augmentation of traditional applications through seamless migration from legacy technology stacks.
  • Assists in hyper-automation endeavors through application development to support processes and workspace automation.
  • With flexibility, agility, accessibility, and security, Mendix enables enterprises to develop applications through the latest innovations in LCAPs.
  • The intuitive functionalities of Mendix include cloud development capabilities, diverse pre-built user interfaces, and resource planning tools.
  • Aids in the responsive synchronization of changes from multiple users working simultaneously.
  • Integrated with comprehensive testing tool kits to support application testing initiatives.
  • AI-powered development, testing, and automation capabilities.
Did you know? 70% of users with no prior development experience adapted to Mendix’s low-code platform in just over a month.

Flexible, agile, and secure – Mendix’s approach to application modernization

Flexibility, agility, and security are the hallmarks of Mendix’s low-code development platform, facilitated by its comprehensive tools and features designed to optimize application modernization.

Let’s briefly address how the platform enriches the experience of design, development, and deployment.

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Image source: Mendix

Design: In the realm of design and creativity, Mendix Studio empowers users to design and build applications swiftly and easily. With an innate graphical interface and diverse predefined widgets and components, Mendix’s design arsenal is creator-centric.

When it comes to prototyping and customization, designers can leverage the platform for quick creation and iteration of applications with fully customizable functionalities, resulting in their visions being realized with precision and efficiency.

Mendix Studio not only simplifies the design process but also fosters a collaborative environment where users can work together in real time, enabling a dynamic, iterative design process that enhances the quality of the applications.

Development: As one of the leading low-code development platforms, Mendix heralds a new way to rapidly create intuitive, secure applications. Empowering professional developers with built-in tool kits and citizen developers with visual modeling and drag-and-drop interfaces, Mendix is highly flexible for development and prototyping, regardless of any coding expertise.

Supporting agile development across channels and devices, Mendix ensures minimal development efforts are required, facilitating seamless adaptation to changing market demands.

Emphasizing security across the development lifecycle, Mendix encompasses features like role-based access control, data validation, and encryption to secure the application by design.

Deployment: Mendix is compatible with containerization technologies like Docker, Kubernetes, and others, facilitating easy deployment of applications. Aligning with modern deployment practices, the applications developed in Mendix can be seamlessly deployed on Mendix’s cloud infrastructure, allowing developers to choose the best option in adherence to the operational requirements.

With advanced features like continuous integration & delivery and blue-green deployment, Mendix allows users to streamline deployment and implement robust deployment strategies that minimize downtime, ensuring a smooth user experience. These features empower developing teams with rapid, reliable releases, allowing them to push updates frequently without any hassle.

As an open platform, Mendix not only supports seamless deployment capabilities but also excels in integration. Offering extensive APIs and SDKs, the platform allows existing systems, services, and databases to effortlessly integrate, which is conducive to enterprises looking to modernize their legacy applications and infrastructure.

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SquareOne Technologies – Paving the way forward in application modernization

SquareOne Technologies boasts a proven track record of delivering innovative solutions that drive digital transformation across industries. By focusing on application modernization, SquareOne, within its low-code ecosystem, works with Mendix and the Microsoft Power Platform. Leveraging its premier partnership with Mendix to deliver high-quality enterprise applications, SquareOne is well-positioned to transform legacy applications or facilitate development solutions for new applications on the platform. As one of the leading low code application services in Saudi Arabia, SquareOne is redefining the way businesses approach application development, making it swift, secure, and simple.

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Wrapping up

Legacy applications limit enterprises’ ability to scale efficiently, adapt quickly to evolving technologies, and meet modern demands. With the rise of low-code applications, enterprises can transform their development operations, innovate faster, and meet the changing tides of technology and user preferences.

In these demanding times, Mendix has emerged as a compelling low-code platform that can offer flexibility, agility, and security to modernize applications. Facilitating rapid development and deployment across use cases, Mendix is a key enabler for businesses aiming to thrive in today’s market.

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