Leveraging Mendix’s AI-Assisted Development for Rapid Chatbot Prototyping

Rapid Chatbot

Chatbot growth is expected to reach about USD 27.6 billion by 2030, emphasizing the reliance on chatbot solutions by organizations to offer personalized and interactive user experiences for consumers. Have you ever wondered about the time frame taken by a chatbot development company in designing, configuring, testing and deploying the chatbot solution to your existing digital ecosystem?

Well, a traditional approach to chatbot development will not work in the digital age, where low code platforms like Mendix are in existence for such developments. Making use of the low code application platform for rapid chatbot prototyping will help your business

  • Achieve clarity on how the product will appear once it is designed
  • Provide X–ray visibility on the functionality of the product before deployment
  • Help plan the flaws efficiently in the actual design
  • Assist in projecting to customers and investors to gain true feedback

While prototyping seems to be an add-on, it acts as a cheating gateway for organizations to understand the market and their consumers in advance. The essentiality of a chatbot solution in the digital world is inevitable. So its important to find ways to help build an efficient and effective chatbot solution within a minimum period of time that has no compromise on quality, usability, or user interface.

This blog will help you discover the potential of Mendix AI-Assisted Development (AIAD), also known as Mendix Assist, in developing and building faster chatbot solutions that help your business foster excellent customer service and handle complex interactions with ease by providing an in-depth context to how and what your chatbot solution will perform like.

Mendix – An overview

Mendix, known for its rapid development process and visual modeling, is a treat for citizen developers who are beginning their journey as developers. With an in-built library of components and templates, developers can design and build chatbot solutions that provide high functionality in terms of data visualization, integration with existing systems and user authentication. Along with these, the low code platform also helps with,

  • Fostering teamwork, where many developers can work together for one chatbot solution
  • Protecting customer data with built-in security controls like authentication, data encryption and compliance with industry standards
  • Enabling developers to add intelligent capabilities to the chatbot, assisting in making data-driven decisions

While Mendix has so much to offer for chatbot development services, its latest introduction, the Mendix Assist, serves as a virtual co-developer, ensuring every aspect of your chatbot application lifecycle is taken care of through a drag and drop interface. How does Mendix Assist serve as a revolutionary tool for rapid chatbot prototyping?

Well, a brief introduction to Mendix Assist will help you understand its implementation for chatbot prototypes. Consisting of three virtual developer bots, namely, MxAssist Logic Bot, MxAssist Best Practice Bot and MxAssist Validation Bot, get your chatbot solution rapidly designed and developed as the virtual developer bots help with,

  • The next best action in developing microflows
  • Identifies issues and educates young developers on best practices
  • Automate repetitive and monotonous tasks.

A detailed analysis of Mendix Assist, a virtual developer bot, will help understand its contribution to rapid chatbot prototyping. Let’s explore them.

MxAssist Logic Bot

One of the most interesting concepts of Mendix is its ability to assist developers in visually building application logic instead of manual coding. To make things easier, Mendix utilizes the virtual developer bot MxAssist Logic Bot, an AI-powered bot that recommends the next best suggestion for application logic (microflow) from its analysis of over 12 million anonymized application logics. But how does this contribute to chatbot prototyping? The features of MxAssist Logic Bot help in this process. Let’s analyze them for a more detailed context.

Next best suggestions:

  • The highlight of the feature is its ability to recommend the next five best suggestions for developers from over 50 different possibilities to advance the prototype.
  • The recommendations are prioritized based on the current context of the development and include adding new elements to the chatbot’s logic, configuring existing elements, optimizing workflows, or addressing potential issues.
  • Thus enabling developers to make informed decisions in advance by providing intelligent guidance and accelerating the development of chatbot prototypes.

Auto configuration:

  • Upon suggesting the next best recommendations or options, MxAssist Logic Bot also helps auto-populate the parameter. For example, if the suggestion were to add a decision element to the conversation flow, then the bot would automatically populate the parameter based on the current chatbot prototype.
  • This initiative of the bot reduces manual intervention and also helps in streamlining the process when developers are busy focusing on any other functionality test or refinement.
  • Thus, the auto-configuration feature of MxAssist Logic Bot helps developers iterate more rapidly and focus on refining the chatbot’s logic and functionality, ultimately leading to a more efficient and effective development process.

Contextual suggestions:

  • The ability of MxAssist Logic Bot to suggest recommendations is due to its analytical capabilities, which analyze the logic flow of the chatbot prototype, which includes the sequence of actions, decisions and integrations.
  • Also, the bot infers context based on factors like where the particular action is being performed, on which page the logic flow is integrated, and where user action is involved. This helps the bot suggest recommendations that are tailored to the particular chatbot prototype.
  • Thus, the bot’s ability to read and analyze contextual information assists developers with tailored solutions that not only accelerate the development of chatbot prototypes but also efficiently improve chatbot quality.

Therefore, the MxAssist Logic Bot plays a major role in rapid chatbot prototyping. From analyzing over 50 options to recommending the most relevant and best suggestions to auto-populating the parameters to contextually reading logic flow, the bot’s potential in providing intelligent guidance has enhanced and improved the developer’s capabilities in prototyping.

MxAssist Best Practice Bot

It is a very common fact to make errors and mistakes while developing applications. To help combat this, Mendix assists developers with the virtual bot, MxAssist Best Practice Bot, which ensures no anti-patterns or design flaws are inherited in the prototype. It also ensures to pin-point the issues and fix them automatically. Let’s analyze how this empowers rapid chatbot prototyping.


The bot specializes in the early detection of flaws or anti-patterns in the chatbot prototype by presenting them against the Mendix development best practices in Mendix Studio Pro, reducing the accumulation of technical debt.


The ability to pinpoint issues and suggest potential solutions to developers on how to refactor code and redesign workflows that align with Mendix’s best practices is what really helps developers maintain the quality standards of the final product. This aspect of the bot also ensures there is no delay in the process of prototyping.


The bot’s confidence is witnessed in its capability to auto-fix the issues identified, thereby streamlining the development process by consistently rectifying the flaws all over the application, ensuring the chatbot prototype aligns perfectly with Mendix’s best practices.

MxAssist Validation Bot

The need for validation is essential, but on a manual basis, it is time consuming and error-prone. To help developers scale off this, Mendix introduces its final virtual bot, the MxAssist Validation Bot. For a chatbot that handles a high volume of data and complex processing, developers may need to test several iterations to check the bot’s logic, functionality and performance. In that case, manual data validation is neither feasible nor advantageous. So the MxAssist Validation bot

  • Automates the creation of data validation microflows, enabling developers to save time and effort.
  • The Validation Bot uses pre-built expressions and data validation checks to ensure consistency and accuracy in the implementation of validation rules
  • This helps prevent errors and inconsistencies that may arise from manual implementation

Thus, the contribution of Validation Bot for rapid chatbot prototyping through automating the creation of data validation microflows ensures acceleration of iteration and enhances the developer’s productivity.

Why SquareOne Technologies?

To unlock the benefits of Mendix, the low code platform for your business, it is essential to have a service provider who has a long-lasting business partnership with Mendix. In that case, SquareOne Technologies has been the prime partner of Mendix, empowering organizations to gain the most from the low code development platform. As a partner of Mendix, SquareOne Technologies bridges the gap for developers to work on the low code application platform seamlessly, utilizing every part of the platform to the fullest.

Also, SquareOne Technologies is into application development and modernization. So get your chatbot development service integrated into your system efficiently with experts who have excellent hands-on experience in handling every stage and domain of application development and modernization.


To conclude, there is no doubt that Mendix, the leader of low code platforms, excels at assisting developers with visual modeling that helps in designing and building applications. The new addition of MendixAssist, leveraging AI and machine learning advancements, has truly paved the way for developers to develop applications that are of high quality and performance. With Mendix AI-Assist, developers can gain real-time suggestions to identify issues, fix them automatically and automate validation tasks. This aspect has led to increased developer productivity, empowering organizations to save time and effort in prototyping applications.

Get started with SquareOne Technologies for all your chatbot development and other digital transformation solutions by booking a demo with the experts who ensure you strike the right balance between your organizational needs and the demands of the modern business environment.

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