Exploring the Use Cases of Business Intelligence Tools in Enhancing Financial Reporting in Oracle Cloud ERP

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Today, the ability to generate accurate, comprehensive, and timely financial reports is more crucial than ever. Financial leaders face mounting pressure to deliver not only fast but also insightful financial analysis that drives strategic decisions and maintains regulatory compliance. This is particularly challenging in complex environments like Oracle Cloud ERP, where the integration and manipulation of vast amounts of data can overwhelm traditional reporting tools. Recognizing this, SquareOne Technologies, in partnership with leading Business Intelligence (BI) tools like SplashBI-GL Connect and More4apps, offers robust solutions that transform the financial reporting landscape.

GL Connect by SplashBI: Tailored Financial Reporting for Oracle ERP

GL Connect distinguishes itself as the premier solution engineered specifically for high-level financial reporting directly from Oracle Fusion Cloud. This tool enables organizations to leverage unmatched insights and efficiency, transforming their approach to financial management.

Technical Insights and Benefits:

Real-Time Financial Insights: GL Connect revolutionizes Oracle Cloud reporting by delivering updates with near-instantaneous effect, facilitating agile decision-making that is critical in today’s fast-paced business environments.

Enhanced Transaction-Level Analysis: The tool includes an intuitive drill-down feature that transforms transaction-level data analysis within Oracle Cloud, enabling detailed and efficient exploration of financial records.

Streamlined Reporting Workflow: GL Connect integrates seamlessly into Excel, providing a fluid, user-friendly reporting experience that enhances productivity and reduces complexity.

Precision in Data Accuracy: The tool ensures meticulous data extraction from Oracle Cloud, bolstering the reliability and quality of financial reports.

Accelerated Financial Closing Cycles: By enhancing Oracle Cloud’s native capabilities, GL Connect significantly expedites the financial closing process, promoting efficiency in critical month-end reporting tasks.

Accelerated Financial Closing Cycles: By enhancing Oracle Cloud’s native capabilities, GL Connect significantly expedites the financial closing process, promoting efficiency in critical month-end reporting tasks.

Future-Proofing Financial Reporting

Growing businesses can choose GL Connect because it is not only compatible with current Oracle platforms but also engineered to adapt to future financial reporting requirements.

Architectural Innovation for Optimal Reporting

GL Connect’s architecture is meticulously designed to foster optimal integration with Oracle Cloud. The workflow involves data extraction through sophisticated SplashBI connectors that feed into a dedicated data warehouse, facilitating real-time reporting. The SplashBI Platform then processes this data and integrates it into Excel, enabling finance teams to generate detailed reports with unparalleled efficiency.

Architectural Innovation for Optimal Reporting

The Architecture

Source: SplashBI

A Case Study


A leading global company with subsidiaries around the world faced challenges consolidating financial data across different currencies.


  • Multi-Currency Management: Consolidating financial statements in various currencies was cumbersome and error-prone.
  • Inefficiency: Existing processes were time-consuming, impacting decision-making and financial compliance.

Solution: GL Connect Implementation

GL Connect was chosen for its robust functionality in handling multi-currency consolidation.

  • Ledger Set Reporting: Enabled aggregation of financial data from subsidiaries in a unified format.
  • Translated Balances Support: Facilitated accurate conversion and reporting of financial data in multiple currencies.


  • Efficiency: Streamlined the consolidation process, significantly reducing the time and effort required.
  • Accuracy: Improved the reliability of financial reports, ensuring compliance and aiding strategic decisions.
  • Strategic Decision-Making: Enabled quicker, data-driven decisions at a global level due to more timely and accurate financial insights.

Bottom Line

Implementing GL Connect allowed the company to overcome the complexities of multi-currency financial consolidation, leading to enhanced operational efficiency and better strategic oversight.

More4apps: Excel-Based Enhancements for Oracle ERP Finance Solutions

Empowering Finance Teams with Advanced Excel Integration

More4apps excels by providing an advanced Excel-based front-end that significantly simplifies data management in Oracle ERP systems. This integration reduces the need for extensive training and aligns with the familiar operational habits of finance teams.

Addressing Key Financial Challenges

More4apps specifically targets critical pain points in financial data management:

Elimination of Inefficient Tools: By replacing manual data entry methods and complex Oracle forms with a streamlined Excel solution, More4apps frees up finance teams to focus on more strategic tasks.

Timely Financial Reporting: Even when faced with unexpected report requests, the toolset’s design efficiently handles period-end reporting demands, ensuring timely book closures.

Enhanced Data Control: It empowers data owners to quickly rectify poor data quality and improve overall data accuracy, which is crucial for informed decision-making and operational transparency.

Automated Data Transactions: More4apps tools automate routine financial transactions within Excel, integrating with Oracle’s robust security framework and real-time validation checks to ensure data integrity and accuracy.

Reduced IT Dependency: By minimizing reliance on IT for regular updates and maintenance, More4apps empowers finance departments to manage their operations autonomously, enhancing efficiency and responsiveness.

Streamlined Data Management Processes: The tools provide functionalities to easily manage and update large volumes of data, adapt quickly to new business requirements, and ensure data consistency across the board.

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A Case Study

Client Overview

Industry: Telecommunications

Location: United Kingdom

Challenge: Manually managing 400 monthly AR transactions in Oracle ERP was time-consuming and error-prone.

Solution Implementation

Tool Replaced: Oracle’s FBDI which lacked intuitiveness and embedded validation, causing user dissatisfaction.

New Tool Adopted: More4apps ERP Cloud Toolbox, previously used in Oracle E-Business Suite, was chosen for its user-friendly Excel interface and real-time error correction capabilities.

Benefits Achieved

Efficiency: Automated data entry and validation dramatically reduced processing time and errors.

User Confidence: The AR team quickly adapted to the new system, improving daily operations and overall comfort with the Oracle Fusion Cloud implementation.

Productivity: Significantly increased, facilitating a smoother and faster end-to-end billing process.

Bottom Line

The transition to More4apps ERP Cloud Toolbox empowered the AR team to manage data more effectively, demonstrating a substantial improvement in productivity and operational confidence after going live in January 2023.

SquareOne Technologies – Pioneering Data Transformation

SquareOne Technologies does not merely supply tools; it delivers comprehensive digital transformation solutions. By partnering with industry leaders like SplashBI and More4apps, SquareOne ensures that its clients can fully exploit the capabilities of Oracle Cloud ERP. This partnership reflects a commitment to:

  1. Digital Mastery: Through advanced data management and big data services, SquareOne helps organizations harness and interpret vast data volumes, driving efficiency and innovation.
  2. Customer-Centric Approach: With a focus on customer delight, SquareOne tailors solutions that align with client objectives and industry best practices, ensuring that each deployment adds tangible value.
  3. Keeping Pace with Technology: SquareOne stays at the forefront of technology by identifying and integrating the latest trends and solutions into its offerings, preparing clients for future challenges and opportunities.

The Final Word

Integrating sophisticated BI tools like SplashBI and More4apps can be transformative, streamlining data processes and enhancing analytics capabilities within Oracle Cloud ERP.

For finance leaders looking to upgrade their reporting tools, SplashBI and More4apps offer powerful solutions to enhance efficiency and accuracy. Explore these options further by booking a consultation with SquareOne Technologies and learning how these tools can optimize your financial operations.


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