Document Management Systems Explained

Document Management System

The need for papers in organizations arises from invoices, receivables and unwanted printing needs making a mess everywhere, including affecting employee productivity. Are you curious about how document disorders affect employees? Imagine your employees,

  • Spending a reasonable amount of time searching for the right document amidst a crucial meeting.
  • Arrange a pile of folders on the respective rack every day before signing off.
  • Getting hold of important documents in large folders and files.

This is seen as a small task that aggregates to a different level when done on a daily basis. Supporting employees with content management with a centralized database that grants access to all documents, irrespective of their location, will help them access documents within minutes and return to real jobs that enhance and elevate their productivity and organizational benefits.

A paperless organization can seem challenging, but it is obvious that your employees will tend to appreciate it once they get familiar with the benefits of a document management system (DMS). Known for its ability to capture, store, retrieve and track documents with a centralized approach, it has gained enormous attention from organizations that are in need of a document management solution. It is primarily important to address why your organization might be in need of document indexing software.

Overlooked Reasons to Opt for a Document Management System

Version Control – Having access to an endless number of copies of a single document can be exhilarating and confusing. Also, keeping track of who got the latest version edited with time and activity can help solve conflicts and challenges. Therefore, digital asset management proves to be the best for duplicating documents, tracking edits and restoring previous versions.

Document Security – Is your organization into managing confidential information practices and is looking for a secure way to protect the folder rack from unauthorized access? Having authentication for every document view with an audit trail acts as a reliable solution for businesses investing millions in folders and racks.

Multiple Application Integration – With multiple applications like CRM and ERP extending functionality support for businesses, it might be challenging for users to navigate through these applications each time to access a different document. For example, a sales representative would need information from the marketing team regarding an on-going sales pitch, for which switching between applications is complex. This can be eliminated by document indexing software, which gives an overall view of the document to every authorized user.

Scalability – When you have plans to extend your business operations, the need for a large database to handle the growing volume of documents cannot be handled by a physical space. The rising demand can be easily tackled in a digital space that is organized and well-structured. The measures to grow your business should never be hindered just because of a lack of space.

If any of the above is your concern, then no doubt your organization and employees require a document management solution. But on what basis will you choose the one that fits best for your business?

Core Components to Look in a DMS

Document Capture

A very important feature of DMS to look into is its ability to capture paper documents from various sources, like email integration, scanning and batch processing, and digitize them. This feature assists in the direct upload of files to the DMS, reducing manual data entry and handling of documents.

Optical Character Recognition (OCR)

Having OCR technology in the DMS empowers organizations to gain text recognition from scanned images and PDFs. The OCR engine assists in analyzing the image and transferring it to machine-readable language, making it editable and shareable as digital files. It also helps with extracting metadata information like author, data, and document titles. Thus, the OCR attribute of a document management system is never to be missed.

Advanced Search Capabilities

Look for a content management system that consists of an advanced search capability where you can access documents based on keywords, metadata, full-text search and other specific criteria. This helps you land on the right document with ease and time, enhancing your employee’s productivity.

Document Classification and Tagging

Review a document management solution based on its potential to sort documents, which is a very crucial concern for every organization. To get hold of documents, it is important to have very structured arrangements based on their format, content or characteristics. The machine learning algorithm that has been trained with preset documents helps in the process of classification, reducing human intervention in arranging and retrieving documents.

Security Controls

Getting your documents controlled by strict security protocols where you are notified of unauthorized access is one of the crucial criteria organizations should look into in a document management system. From providing role-based access control to encrypting text to watermarking documents, activity tracking and compliance with the latest regulations prove the essentiality of a good enterprise document management system.

The Impact of Document Management Services

Now that you are familiar with the core components of a document management system, that makes a difference in the search and retrieval solution. Let’s analyze the significance your organization can gain from a well-selected document management service provider.

Reduced Data Loss

Encryption and backup mechanisms ensure your data is safe and secure from cyber attacks, hardware failures and other illegal breaches.

Enhanced Collaboration

Role-based permissions and access controls grant entry for team members to collaborate effectively without disturbing the core of the data.

Improved Auditability

Activity tracking and audit logs provide X-ray visibility to user behavior and edit formats, helping to track unauthorized access.

Improved Productivity

By automating search facilities and security options, employees are empowered to spend less than a minute in the document management process, enhancing their focus on business objectives.

Find the Ideal Document Management Software

Currently, you have a clear picture of what document management is and how a record management system helps your organization break the barriers of paperless management. Now it’s time to analyze document management service providers whose offerings are in parallel with your business objectives. A small purchase means a lot to a business, so make it purposeful and effective for your business and your employees by asking the following,

  • Do they have an established client base?
  • Do they offer support at every stage of the process?
  • Are they well-versed in every business requirement?
  • Does their DMS provide scalable expansion as your business operations grow?
  • What are their maximum security options?


Get started off with all the mentioned capabilities and potentials of a document management system with SquareOne Technologies, which supports digital transformation with their Enterprise Information Management. Take the next step in your business with an experienced team that ensures every requirement of your business is met with profound efficiency and integrity. Invest in document management systems and empower your organization with the best today!

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