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Leave the red tape behind

Gaining that competitive edge. Guiding your organization further into the digital age. Ensuring its future.

None of these are possible if you don’t have an IT governance framework that is in lock-step with your organization’s digitalization strategy. So, why do 70% of employees feel that their IT departments create standards that don’t support these goals?1 Why do we tangle ourselves up in knots of red tape?

IT governance frameworks should help you foster business value generation with those tools — not stifle it. They should help you mitigate risks, not only take regulations into account.

No matter your initiative or technology, we have a new governance framework to help you think about keeping your company the business-value-generating machine that it is, while remaining compliant and in control.

Implement Value-driving Governance

Download Your New Governance Framework now and begin bringing IT governance from maligned and frustrating to business transforming. Think of this framework as a giant pair of scissors that you’re going to use to cut through all that red tape. Download and get a DIY governance framework template so you can activate the key takeaways from the book:

  • The 3 rules to building the right governance framework
  • The 4 critical pillars of a value-based governance framework
  • Examples of how to incorporate new technology, like low-code platforms, both organizationally and technically