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Teradata Aster

“Seamless Analytics, for Any Use Case, Within One Solution”

Now business analysts and data scientists alike can execute a wide variety of multi-genre analytics techniques such as:

  • Customers path to conversion (Path Analytics)
  • Customers sentiment analysis (Text Analytics)
  • Influencer analysis (Graph)
  • Parts failure prediction (Machine Learning)
  • Sensor and Machine data analytics


Multi-Genre Analytics from One SQL Query

Business Analysts and Data Scientists can uncover insights from all of your organization’s data utilizing just one SQL query. Leverage our 100+ pre-built advanced analytics queries.

Optimized Performance and Ease of Use

Aster Analytics optimized performance, our unique Teradata Aster Seamless Network Analytics Processing (SNAP) Framework™ allows Graph, R and MapReduce engines to operate seamlessly

Lifting the Limitations of R

Give your R analyst, business analysts and data scientists an R interface to Aster Analytics

Easy-to-use Interface

Aster Analytics enables self-service big data and advanced analytics as well as the ability for technical and non-technical users to discover business and customer insights.

Benefits of Aster Analytics

  • Ingest, prep, and analyze data within a single interface, at speed and scale
  • Create data visualizations and operationalize insights,
  • Easy-to-use and understand analytics to support a data-driven culture throughout your business
  • Discover previously untouched or unknown markets, identify new products ideas, discover new customer segments and identify methods to outsmart the competition
  • Integrate big data analytics from a single solution for the most efficient use of IT manpower

4 Flexible Deployment Options

  • On premise deployment
  • Cloud deployment
  • Software Only
  • On Hadoop
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