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Teradata Analytics for SAP

“Operationalize your SAP® ERP data with Data Replication”

Teradata Analytics for SAP Solutions approaches the complexity of SAP analytics from a different angle and provides businesses with access to SAP ERP data for agile BI


SAP Enterprise Analytics:

A single view of the business enables sizeable improvements in disciplines spanning Global spend, Revenue/Sales analysis, Plant Maintenance, Supply Chain optimization, and Human Resources.

Optimize the Close Process:

By making SAP data useable for BI, organizations can optimize their people, processes, and technologies surrounding the close. Substantial gains come from simplifying the GL, accelerating and reducing reconciliation processes, and minimizing resources necessary for the close.

Reduce Enterprise Cost:

Companies can reduce OPEX by leveraging the end to end solution to deliver projects faster, with lower risk, and with higher business value. They can also reduce CAPEX by consolidating & simplifying Finance IT architectures.


Faster Decisions:

Data Replication delivers near real-time data which allows you to operationalize your IDW and deliver a single solution for both tactical and strategic analytic needs. This enables business users to have immediate self-service access to the most trusted, current and consistent data for better, faster operational decisions.

New Insights from Integrated Data:

Integrating SAP and non-SAP data into your Teradata IDW opens new opportunities for all your users to make rapid differentiated business decisions based on rich, cross-functional analysis.

Focus on the Business:

This out-of-the-box solution can be rapidly deployed generating results in weeks rather than quarters. It solves the repeatable data management layer and pivots the focus to business intelligence.

Unlocked Analytic Potential of SAP Data:

With an integrated semantic layer as the foundation for an analytical environment, businesses can leverage advanced in-database analytic techniques and best-of-breed BI tools to gain greater insight to make the best decisions possible.

High Performance:

Using the world class Teradata Database and its inherent capabilities like Teradata Intelligent Memory, the high performing open environment empowers business users and facilitates self-service so they can get rapid responses to any question asked on all their data by combining in-memory performance with spinning disk economics.

Flexible and Scalable to Meet Business Needs:

Business modules can be added at any time to provide maximum flexibility and growth for your business needs with no need to worry about data volumes or application response times.

Easy to Manage and Maintain:

The entire data extract and report-building process is simplified with automated batch jobs. The data model design also simplifies the SQL generated by the BI tools. This means faster analytics, dashboards, and reports for the users and less load on the database.

Lower Total Cost of Ownership:

With this simple alternative to SAP BW there is less need for specialized SAP IT skills to operate and maintain your reports. This helps your organization reduce costs and dependency on IT support structures and increase data integration and flexibility.

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