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Pharos UniPrint

Thousands of colleges and universities have adopted Pharos Uniprint® for student-facing print and copy management and cost recovery. But Uniprint also enables institutions to manage printing and copying in their administrative and academic back offices, thereby reducing costs, supporting environmental sustainability initiatives, and automating accounting functions.

It enables a new, two-step printing process. Users submit print jobs from their computers in the usual way. At the printer, they use the Uniprint interface to select the jobs they want to print and then “release” them. This two-step process delivers unprecedented cost and waste reduction as well as security and flexibility.


  • Cost and waste reduction – Users print only the documents they really need, rather than every job they submitted from their computer.
  • Security – Jobs are held in a Uniprint queue until the person who submitted them walks up to a printing device and releases them.
  • Flexibility – Secure Release Here allows users to release their print jobs at any printer or multifunction device that’s on the Uniprint system, regardless of its location on campus.
  • Card registration – Dynamically register new user ID cards with login credentials to enable use of secured print/copy devices.
  • Guest cards – Permit guest users to use guest cards to access secured print/copy devices without assigning login credentials.


  • Reduce back office printing expenditures by 30%
  • Cut printing waste by as much as 30 to 50%
  • Accurately and easily charge back print and copy expenses to internal departments and 3rd party grants and contracts
  • Simplify Your Chargeback Process
  • Integrate with Ease and allows you to choose among multiple user interface solutions
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