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DEVICES DON’T PRINT-PEOPLE DO. Every Pharos solution is designed to make people more mindful about their printing choices while providing an experience that is simple, secure and flexible. With our industry-leading technologies and printing expertise, we are able to serve the unique needs of our customers in various industries and sectors.



Significantly reduces costs and waste for several Fortune 100 companies around the globe. Users are given the ultimate in flexible and convenient printing along with iron-clad security that protects document confidentiality.


DISCOVER what your organization is spending on printing and copying and how print is created in your environment. Gain insight into all print and copy activity and all costs by user, device and transaction, and manage the billing of this activity down to the employee level.


EDUCATION IS THE EASIEST AND MOST DIRECT WAY TO GET PEOPLE TO PRINT LESS. Most people don’t know that their organization spends about $1,000 per person per year for printing. When you provide people with real-time information about your printing policies and the actual costs of their print jobs, they print less. A lot less.


Organizations often have a mixed collection of printing devices from various manufacturers. Our mobile solution provides the convenience and flexibility to work with all of them. You can extend this convenience for your people even further by using our apps for iOS and Android devices.


OUR SOLUTIONS FOR HIGHER EDUCATION are secure, scalable, and user-friendly; they provide unparalleled reliability and flexibility. Automatically recover costs by charging users on the spot for their printing, and ensure that all documents and devices are secure.


Optimize the use of toner and ink in your environment and you’ll SEE AN ADDITIONAL SAVINGS OF UP TO 70% on your total consumable spend. Define your preferred level of toner savings and it will be automatically applied to every printed document. Or, define toner reduction levels for specific applications.


  • Secure your devices and documents, improve end-user convenience, and significantly reduce costs.
  • Allocate print and copy costs to budget centers and departments to improve accountability and cost control.
  • Create a culture of responsible printing by educating people about optimal printing choices.
  • Enable mobile printing from any phone or tablet, on or off site, to any Pharos-secured printer—regardless of manufacturer or location in the enterprise.
  • We invented student cost recovery solutions over 20 years ago. Now we’re pioneering education print solutions in the cloud.
  • Achieve significant cost savings by reducing your organization’s overall toner usage, without compromising print quality.