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Future-proof data extraction

Ease of use

Although docBrain is internally a very complex software product, it is simple to use by a trained user. Presenting a friendly interface, docBrain shields most of the complexities related to machine learning and, besides some configuration and parametrization, it requires no programming.


docBrain runs in a private  cloud and requires no capital expenditure in hardware or software infrastructure. The customer only needs a client device (desktop, laptop, tablet, smartphone), a browser, a network connection and the docBrain-provided APIs and connectors for data transfer from and into the customer’s business systems.

Privacy by design

Each customer gets his operating space in the cloud, completely private and separated from other customers. Customer documents (images and data) are invisible to any other parties and access is based on login names, passwords and two-factor authentication (if so desired), while all usage is actively traced, tracked and auditable.

Data safety and security

Automatic backup and restore facilities are provided in the cloud to ensure business continuity and data integrity. Several modes are possible from real-time mirroring to backups being encrypted, vaulted or copied to the customer operating environment.

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