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In today’s enterprise environment, large amounts of data are stored in relational databases such as the Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle and Sybase SQL Server. These databases contain useful customer transactional information.

One of a company’s most important business processes involves transforming this data into generate reminders and alerts for specific events. EasiSmartCast facilitates this business process by providing automated mobile alerts and reminders.

EasiSmartCast integrates into an existing database (reading table or view), transforming raw data to mobile reminders and alert services with zero code integration. EasiSmartCast helps businesses cut down significant development time and cost in implementing such mobile alert services.


  • Appointment reminders
  • Insurance policies renewal
  • Government-issued license renewal
  • Bills/Fines payment reminders
  • Loan approval notifications
  • Flight check-in notifications
  • Routine reminders or notifications


  • Reduces development time
  • Zero-code integration
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