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Transform your ordinary analysis to extraordinary with Alteryx Location + Business Insight data sets. Enhance your analytic journey with our ready-to-use data from trusted market leading providers. Quickly and easily reveal key location, consumer, and business insights and solve that million-dollar problem before lunch.


Location transcends latitude and longitude points on a map. It’s a critical factor that impacts decisions such as new site locations, understanding service coverage areas, optimizing marketing campaigns, mitigating claims risk and much more.

Alteryx Location Insights empowers you to enrich your analysis with maps, address solutions, drivetime capabilities, and a deeper understanding of your customers and locations. No specialized expertise required.

Plot your customers on maps

Explore your customers’ locations on detailed street maps or overlay satellite imagery down to one meter

Cleanse and standardize addresses

Increase marketing delivery rates by standardizing your U.S. and Canadian addresses in minutes

Create actionable trade areas

Understand the time-distance relationship between your sites and customers using the built-in drivetime capabilities powered by trusted TomTom traffic data

Build baseline customer profiles

Know the basics of your customers with 2010 U.S. Census demographic data


It’s important to know the basic demographics of your customers, but the most successful organizations understand their customers at a personal level to target them with precision and optimize marketing spend.

Alteryx Business Insights goes beyond standard demographic data with behavioral and retail purchasing information to create the in-depth view you need for successful marketing strategies.

Know your customers

Understand current and projected lifestyle, behaviors, attitudes, buying preferences, media interaction and much more

Investigate and explore

Discover new customers or variables for a complete picture

Trusted and comprehensive

Access information from over 235 million consumers, 113 million households and 125 million global business records through Experian and Dun & Bradstreet

Location insights included

Not only can you dive deep into your customers, but you can also get all of the goodness to figure out where they’re located

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