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Embedded document-centric knowledge

docBrain also offers readily available proven models and pre-existing document analysis capabilities consolidating years of collaborative efforts between Moonoia, its partners and its customers.

Advanced OCR

A ready-to-use model that predicts the existence of text instances on documents, extracts the data and converts these instances into plain text.

Handwriting recognition

For cursive and/or hand-print. Outperforms human-led reading and validation. Trained on millions of handwritten documents.

Image enhancement

Convolutional neural networks (CNNs) designed to optimize the analysis of images from datasets via self-adjustment layers.

Named entity extraction

Classify entities into pre-defined categories such as names, locations, amounts, time intervals, specialized terms and other product terminology.

Document classification

Generic form analysis model that identifies and classifies documents based on layout and content, decreasing the need for upstream manual classification.

Arabic (un)structured

Based on the Advanced OCR ready-to-use model for text segmentation, this feature allows accurate extraction of non-latin characters and character strings.

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