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Attunity Enterprise Manager

Centrally manage your data pipelines at scale.

Attunity Enterprise Manager is your command center to configure, execute and monitor replication and transformation tasks across the enterprise.

Enterprises today need to rapidly integrate data and metadata at scale across heterogeneous environments for analytics. However, managing individual data flows across many endpoints can be extremely inconvenient, time-consuming and inefficient.

Attunity Enterprise Manager (AEM) provides an intuitive management interface for Attunity data solutions. A graphical user interface helps you design, execute, and monitor Attunity Replicate® and Attunity® Compose tasks across large business landscapes.

An enterprise-wide replication console

AEM simplifies the management of Attunity Replicate across the enterprise.

  • Design and execute batch loads and continuous change data capture (CDC) across all sources and targets through a single pane of glass.
  • Enable massive management consolidation across dozens of Attunity Replicate servers and hundreds if not thousands of heterogeneous endpoints.

Monitor, analyze, and control

  • Track and analyze hundreds of replication tasks in real-time across your environment, pinpointing and resolving issues to meet SLAs.
  • Augment capacity planning and load-balancing decisions with intuitive historical charts.
  • Integrate with enterprise dashboards via programmable REST and .NET interfaces.

Visualize your transactional data pipeline

  • Visualize data flow through data lake zones (raw landing, change histories assembly zone, data mart provisioning zone).
  • Concurrently monitor jobs and tasks across the enterprise to aid troubleshooting and remediation.
  • View real-time dashboards with KPIs such as task status, records processed, errors and percent completion.

Automated data management and integration

  • Consolidate and study technical metadata (table/column names, data types, etc.).
  • Track end-to-end data lineage to improve compliance, governance, and trust.
  • Integrate with Apache Atlas, Hortonworks DataPlane and ODPi-standard frameworks for enterprise-wide discovery and reporting.
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