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The typical cycle of deploying predictive models can be an error-prone, labor-intensive, multi-step process that can take weeks or even months to complete — and cost organizations tens to hundreds of thousands of dollars. That translates into a lot of wasted money and a lot of untapped potential for the business.

Alteryx Promote helps analytic teams deploy more predictive models faster by eliminating the need to recode models for real-time application consumption. Data scientists can quickly deploy their custom R and Python models as-is, while citizen data scientists can deploy advanced analytics code-free from Alteryx Designer — providing the flexibility and reliability needed to advance your analytics to the next level.


Flexibly deploy more of your analytic models into production, faster and with fewer resources. Alteryx Promote makes deploying a model easier than ever, for all your real-time needs.

Code-friendly model deployment
Data scientists can quickly deploy their custom R and Python models without time-consuming recoding efforts, while retaining the freedom of choice to use their existing libraries.

Code-free model deployment
For the citizen data scientist, Alteryx Promote offers a code-free option for deploying advanced analytics from Alteryx Designer — providing a turnkey and automated solution.

Application ready
Easily embed models into your real-time applications using standard REST APIs and supplied code snippets for Java, Python, Ruby, PHP, Saleforce, and Node.js.


Consistently deploy new models, revise existing models, and scale out performance and availability with a single deployment process designed to improve business performance.

Model management
More easily manage the entire deployment process from test to production, including unit testing, without interfering with your existing models running in production applications.

Model versioning
Reliably manage multiple versions and roll back seamlessly using Alteryx Promote’s version control and tracking capabilities, which reduce time and effort across your teams.

Maximize availability
Quickly configure model replicas for scaling and failover to ensure maximum availability for your business-critical applications that dependent on them.


Securely monitor the health, performance, and availability of your predictive models to ensure the business is getting the maximum benefit from your analytic innovations.

Model performance
Gain visibility into your model’s resource usage, response times, request history, and performance history using real-time dashboards and built-in Visualytics.

System health overview
Closely monitor system resources including CPU, memory, and disk usage for all related servers — from one centralized view.

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