RPA in the Public Sector


Government agencies process large volumes of data and documents every day, much of it manually. Repetitive, manual processes slow down employees and the services they provide to the public. As agencies continue to modernize systems, Robotic Process Automation (RPA) can automate repetitive tasks, freeing agency employees to focus on the things only humans do well—analytics and program management—improving citizen services. With RPA from Automation Anywhere, government agencies can create a scalable, secure, and reliable intelligent Digital Workforce that is highly efficient and compliant with all federal mandates.

Reduce Manual Processing

Automate high-volume, transactional tasks related to document handling and validation.

Deliver on Government Mandates

Virtually eliminate human error and stay audit-ready with bots that automate processes your way.

Improve Government Program Performance

Use your Digital Workforce to drive 24/7 program output while decreasing operational costs.


Keep your employees focused on the things they do best by offloading repetitive tasks in document validation and data consolidation to your intelligent Digital Workforce. RPA can automate mundane activities so government workers can focus on driving higher value services to citizens. Explore how RPA can help government agencies reinvent validation processes and reshape the workforce.

Consider RPA to:

  • Improve the speed
    of validation

Cognitive bots instantly verify documents across multiple legacy government systems.

  • Improve agency

Leverage real-time analytics to instantly evaluate your digital worker’s performance and business process data.

  • Dramatically reduce costs
    by insourcing

Supplement your office workers with digital workers keeping process management in-house.

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