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Print Management – Safecom


“Careless printing practices result in unnecessary spending”

How much does your organization spend on printing? The numbers may surprise you. Careless printing practices result in unnecssary spending. With SafeCom you can save an astounding 40% on your print budget through:

  • Reducing paper and toner usage to a fraction — no more misprints.
  • Cost-saving print behavior through optimized color and duplex print settings
  • Consolidated and standardized printer fleet that reduces administration and maintenance expenses.
  • Accurate cost allocation and procurement through centralized track and report management.

SafeCom Client Billing and SafeCom Pay make it easy to manage accounts and recover print costs.


Manages detailed internal accounting and billable printing expenses at, for example, consulting bureaus or law firms.

  • Billing codes are attached to print jobs by users
  • Cost allocation and billing by employee, department, project or client
  • Billing code support that accommodates even complex organizational structures


Facilitates immediate payment for print services at, for example, universities, colleges and public libraries.

  • Charges users when they print or copy at the MFP
  • Enforces user authentication at login
  • Manages remaining credit on personal print accounts automatically
  • Offers a self-service web interface for users to manage their account balance
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