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Print Management – Safecom

SafeCom Pull Print™ is a modern printing solution that safeguards document confidentiality.

SafeCom Pull Print™ is a modern printing solution that safeguards document confidentiality and unauthorized access to print, scan, copy and  e-mail functions. Its user-authentication provides air-tight security on your shared MFPs that function as personal printers.

SafeCom Pull Print with authentication ensures:

  • Documents are delivered only into the right hands
  • Information is kept confidential. No risk of being left unattended at the printer
  • Users login to access MFP functions, like print, copy, scan and e-mail
  • Users login with a simple swipe their key-card
  • Document collection is safe anytime and anywhere — no “print and sprint”
  • Integration with other enterprise applications and workflows is kept secure through single sign-on
  • Savings of up to 20% on your total printing costs

SafeCom Smart Printing helps you consolidate and streamline your print infrastructure and achieve huge savings.

A SafeCom streamlined print environment:

  • Saves you in administration, procurement, maintenance, support and power consumption costs.
  • Allows easy control of your optimized infrastructure with SafeCom Central Management.
  • Consolidates multiple printer queues.
  • Simplifies administration and support.
  • Reduces the number of print servers and server maintenance for organizations with remote offices and limited bandwidth.

One major company reduced the number of printers from 400 to 132, and the number of print servers from 45 to 3.

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