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Secure Print & Cost Management – Government Solutions Overview

For our government customers, Pharos delivers technology and services that helps them secure print, reduce the number of pages printed, eliminate waste and spend less on all facets of printing.

With our award winning Pharos Blueprint® Enterprise software including Secure Release Here™ technology, Pharos helps government customers create a secure print environment. Users can print and securely release a document at any Pharos-enabled printer whether that printer is in the office or in the building across the street, city or country. Pharos Blueprint is a true umbrella solution working across print environments with devices sourced from a single vendor or multiple vendors. It has the ability to capture print activity at the user level in any kind of print environment, and Blueprint functionality has been embedded in nearly every major manufacturer’s multifunction printing devices.

The Toner Saving Policy for Blueprint Enterprise provides an opportunity for agencies to achieve significant cost savings by reducing overall toner usage. Spending on consumables is inevitable, but with this technology, agencies can manage the rate at which they consume toner in order to extend the yield on typical cartridges and thus reduce toner spend and usage without compromising print quality.

Pharos is uniquely positioned to help Agencies deliver a more resilient, secure print ecosystem that works across multivendor print environments with measurable cost savings. Seeking assistance from Pharos Systems to secure your enterprise printing while reducing waste and associated costs is the first step in achieving compliance with Executive Order 13589 enroute to a more responsible print infrastructure.

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