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Print Management – Equitrac Express

“Intelligent Print Management for Education”

Equitrac Express® gives IT administrators the flexibility to let students, faculty and staff print what they need and when they need it, wherever they are located. At the same time, it helps to reduce total print output and costs, accurately allocate print costs, implement print quotas, and enable guest printing through pay-for-print.

Equitrac Express delivers organizational control and reduces IT complexities by removing dependencies on print servers, print drivers and complex print fleets that cause challenges in today’s changing environment.

It helps you regain control of campus-wide printing, while making printing convenient, secure and accessible for all users. And gain the flexibility to tailor your print environment according to the specific needs of your users and organization.

Key Features

  • Reduce complexities of managing multiple types and brands of printers across the organization
  • Deploy print servers, direct IP printing, or a hybrid model with the convenience of a single print management application
  • Simplify print workflows with I-Queue, the intelligent print queue
  • Create a unified view of print, copy and scan activity for all devices on the network to help identify and implement print cost savings initiatives
  • Scales easily in any environment, from individual schools to large campuses
  • Embedded applications and flexible secure document release options brings security and convenience to every printer on the network
  • Encourage responsible behavior such as letting users select or delete print jobs from the secure queue and applying rules to reduce print costs and waste
  • Ensure document security by tracking all activity and holding documents in a secure print queue until they are released

Campus Wide Print Management

Delivering print to multiple user types – students, staff, faculty and guests – creates a unique set of challenges for educational institutions. And the risks of overuse are high if print is not carefully managed.

Equitrac Express makes it easy to set up campus- wide policies for printing and enforce them – consistently and automatically – to promote responsible printing behavior and keep costs under control:

  • Set up page quotas for students and faculty
  • Use flexible pricing to give students a 
spending limit of free prints
  • Re-direct large jobs to high-volume devices or a campus print shop
  • Eliminate unnecessary printing by allowing users to delete jobs sent in error
  • Hold documents in a secure print queue until the user authenticates at the device of their choice via credentials or campus card
  • Enable chargeback to departments or specific funding sources (grants, etc.)
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