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Business Analytics

Analytics have become one of the most powerful tools available to retailers, and are being used for a broad variety of purposes. Yet, while shoppers share a wealth of information about their purchase intent most retailers aren’t leveraging this precious asset.  SquareOne Retails analytics services will help retailers leverage their own customer data to drive revenue, increase sales by unlocking the power of their customer data.

In the modern business world, where everybody aspire to capitalize competitive advantages, the retail networks’ primary goal is not just to increase the sales, but the optimization of resources on the logistical and sales processes of the company, the actual trends and consumer demands. Using analytics the costs of operations can be drastically reduced by real time tracking of stock and product movement or the reconsideration of each store’s business strategies.

Leading retail companies have thrived because they have mastered the art of analyzing and acting on these insights. The methods, efficiency enhancement factors do not differs significantly in various retail companies, but the standard solutions must be aligned to the company’s unique business processes to achieve highest efficiency.

SquareOne Retail Analytics can partner in this fine tuning.


  • Assortment optimization and shelf space allocation to determine what products to offer in what quantities.
  • Customer driven Marketing by the use of customer data to segment, target, and personalize offerings.
  • Price optimization to determine the optimal pricing of products and services through their lifecycles.
  • Developing Sales and Logical KPI’s.

Determines which shoppers matter most to retailers, Identify shoppers across channels and devices and develop a deep understanding of SKU-level purchase intent  for each shopper.

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