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Business Analytics

Logistics providers need to reinvent their business model in order to meet buyers more demanding requirements. Buyers are seeking consistent global capability to provide greater reliability at lower total cost.  This requires managing trade-offs between cost of inventory, transport, and storage.  This calls for end-to-end integration, more tightly engineered synchronization, industry specialization, and optimization.  This implies deep integration with buyers and partners across people, processes, information, and cash flow.

Market shapers will develop shared user offerings which will be difficult for buyers to substitute.  They will develop componentized solutions to increase returns, and will move away from country-centric to global line of business profit & loss management as portfolio managers. Tighter integration delivers greater value and increased lock-in across the network. Success will be measured by how well they increase reliability and reduce total cost

The extent of incorporating technology advances into logistics services may ultimately separate the winners from losers

At SquareOne, we recognize this and offer our customer with plethora of insightful engagements using analytics as the system of engagement.

Synchronizing supply and demand

  • Integrating customer forecasts and demand with their suppliers to plan logistics requirements
  • Participation in customer’s Sales & Operations Planning process

Multi-source orders and fulfillment

  • Ability to track purchase orders through their entire lifecycle
  • Knowledge of total pipeline supplier inventory

Integration with manufacturer’s systems

  • Access to order commitments & delivery schedules
  • Visibility into order production status

Monitoring shipment status

  • Monitor shipment status throughout pipeline with proactive event notification
  • Improved ability to identify short and over shipments

Multiple channels and customer touch points

  • Single source dashboard to view overall performance
  • Tracking from order to delivery
  • Knowledge of total pipeline customer inventory

Using analytics, customer can expect benefits such as

  • Business processes are standardized and systems are integrated
  • Better visibility of end-to-end supply chain information and integration with partners and customers
  • Effective & shared metrics to continuously measure performance
  • Exception management through event monitoring
  • Single view of customer
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