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SAS Visual Analytics

Better analytics. Faster insights. Built for everyone.

See what you’ve been missing.

With SAS Visual Analytics you can explore all relevant data quickly and easily. You can look at more options, uncover hidden opportunities, identify key relationships and make more precise decisions faster than ever before.

Get fast answers to your toughest questions.

Absolutely no coding required. Sophisticated analytics, including decision trees, network diagrams, on-the-fly forecasting and scenario analysis, have been seamlessly integrated with ease-of-use features such as autocharting, “what does it mean” pop-ups, and drag-and-drop capabilities.

Create and share meaningful insights.

Quickly design reports that are attractive, interactive and meaningful. Then easily distribute them via the Web, Microsoft applications or mobile devices. You can even create reports that enable recipients to slice and dice the information however they need to, using filters and drill-through capabilities to further explore data on their own.

Get The Power To Know® on the go.

Mobile business intelligence capabilities enable executives and decision makers to easily access and explore dashboards and reports from their mobile devices, anytime and anywhere. And with mobile tethering, you explore reports even when there’s no Internet connectivity.

Right-size your analytics discovery environment.

SAS Visual Analytics provides the ultimate in deployment flexibility. Whether you prefer to deploy SAS Visual Analytics on-site using your hardware (single or distributed environment), in your own private cloud, in a public cloud such as Amazon or in the SAS Cloud environment

Get value from Twitter and other text data.

More than 400 million tweets are sent each day. Now you can bring your Twitter streams into SAS Visual Analytics and see for yourself. Analytics applied behind the scenes determine which words are used most frequently so you can determine what topics are most important and warrant further exploration.


  • Auto charting capability helps determine the chart best-suited to display data based on items selected for analysis.
  • Integration with mapping technologies provides an understanding of geospatial data.
  • “What does it mean” capabilities explain the relationships between variables.
  • Analytic visualizations include box plots, heat maps, bubble charts, animated bubble charts, network diagrams, decision trees, Sankey diagrams and more.
  • Queries can be changed by selecting items to be displayed from a sidebar or by dynamically filtering and grouping.
  • A resizable overview bar lets you zoom in on selected portions of your big data.
  • Sample reports and explorations are available and can be accessed from SAS Home.


  • Go where the data takes you – without boundaries. Implement dashboards, reporting and analytics – all from a single interface.
  • Add analytics and modeling to your BI toolkit. SAS ushers in truly intelligent business intelligence by providing one interface that lets you go directly from reporting to exploration and model creation. Now, you can transition from consuming and interacting with BI to diving deeper into your data and building analytical models.
  • Get information on the go. Native mobile BI apps enable you to view and interact with dynamic reports and dashboards from your smartphone or tablet.
  • Share the story of your data. Microsoft Office integration allows you to share live, dynamic visualizations through familiar Office applications like Excel and PowerPoint to collaborate on your BI e­fforts.
  • See what you’ve been missing. Advanced data visualization and guided analysis using a variety of visualization techniques let you present your data in the most compelling way.
  • Choose a BI implementation that fits. Start with a BI/reporting or data exploration environment that meets your needs, and expand your environment as your organization’s needs grow. Deploy on-site on a single server or in a distributed environment. You can also deploy BI in a private cloud or a public cloud (such as Amazon Web Service)
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