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Bots learning from human behavior

IQ Bot delivers automation using the most advanced cognitive technology, working to make sense of unstructured data while improving its skills and performance. It learns from people at work.

Bring Structure to Unstructured Data

Traditional automation can’t access the vast majority of company data and information. That leaves knowledge workers with the heavy lifting of painstakingly finding the right information to “feed” business processes.

IQ Bot can be taught by humans to uncover and transform hidden or “Dark Data” to automate business processes faster and more efficiently while simultaneously eliminating human error.


Cognitive automation for any business process

IQ Bot is purpose-built cognitive automation that integrates with other AI solutions like IBM Watson to bridge the gaping hole between RPA and pure cognitive platforms.


Identifies and categorizes unstructured content allowing the bot to intelligently extract decision-making data.


Comprehends the meaning and intent of content to improve decision making.


Conducts phonetic algorithm and fuzzy string matching against enterprise applications to validate and enrich extracted data.


Learns by observing human behavior and develops domain expertise increasing accuracy and reducing exceptions.

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