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FollowMe from Ringdale is the complete document output management solution, which provides unrivalled flexibility for organizations looking to reduce costs, increase security and improve the efficiency of their printing environments.

For many organizations waste from documents, left uncollected at the printer, can equate to 30% of all printing causing concern for revenue margins. By controlling waste and facilitating business process improvement, FollowMe helps organizations reduce costs by up to 60% and minimizes the time required to manage printing environments. It also provides Finance and IT managers with the reporting tools to identify savings or recover costs from departments or customers.


Delegated Printing

  • Assistants can print on behalf of managers
  • Departments maintain productivity if staff are absent
  • Securely share print jobs, without IT’s assistance

Print roaming

  • Release print jobs from any FollowMe enabled printing device
  • Avoid disruption when printers are busy or out of service
  • No print drivers to configure on the PC or lap top

Personal printing

  • Each user has a personal printing experience
  • Confidential printing on shared devices
  • No rush to the printer to collect confidential prints


Reduce costs

General office printing is one of the largest under-managed costs in organizations today, with between 1% to 3% of revenue being spent on printing.

Save management time

Valuable time and resources are spent on administrating the print process and maintaining machinery. Find out how FollowMe eases the burden.

Increase user productivity

Whether working at home, in the office or remotely, there is always a need to print. FollowMe keeps users productive regardless of location.

Keep track

Visibility on print costs and activity is critical for cost management and industry compliance. FollowMe provides all the tracking and reporting capability for auditing and cost allocation.

Protect valuable data

With the number of data breaches and regulatory pressure on the rise, there are significant risks if the print environment is not secure. FollowMe can help protect valuable business data.

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