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Banking – Cash Balance Forecasting

The role of the Corporate Treasurer has expanded significantly in recent years as successive financial crises, changing regulation and advances in communications and technologies have combined to alter the global financial landscape. BankIQTMCash Balance Forecasting supports Treasury departments in dealing with the challenges of a rapidly changing International economy. BankIQTMCash Balance Forecasting is a dynamic Cash flow forecasting system which provides rolling forecast maximizing capital efficiency. It integrates into finance operation practices to manage balances, volatile liabilities and improve budgeting capabilities.

Leveraging its Fast-data features, it can take dynamic input and provide refactoring capabilities to include inputs such as oil prices fluctuations, production level changes, Fx rates fluctuations, cost of production, government expenditures, etc making it ideal for dynamic forecasting which is always up-to-date with changing dynamics.

It can engage data from banks to collect balances through MT940 and 942 reporting, overlay the same with upcoming expenses/pay-outs as well as pay-ins using analytical trends.

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