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Print Management

“Print Secure Documents, Address Today’s Healthcare Challenges”

Deliver more quality care by controlling your unmanaged print volumes and costs. Equitrac Office® leverages its ability to authenticate users at the printer so you can print secure documents with confidence. This cost-effective output management solution makes it easy to:

  • Add powerful document output security to your HIPAA-compliance framework
  • Ensure the privacy and integrity of patient-protected health information (PHI)
  • Provide secure, convenient access to output capabilities
  • Recover allowable print charges
  • Allocate print costs to specific departments or research grants
  • Reduce print waste


Equip Your Organization with Secure Printing Options

Providing quality healthcare in an environment of legislative reform, tightening budgets and increasing costs, all while ensuring the confidentiality of patient health information, is a challenge for the modern healthcare provider. We help you accomplish these crucial initiatives by providing you the ability to:

  • Control costs
  • Automate document security
  • Authenticate with ease
  • Promote improved efficiency
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