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Business Analytics

The tough competition and legal regulations forces telecommunication companies to get out the most of their data.

The enormous big amount of data generated every day, the complex analysis models used for marketing and the frequently changing technology makes this industry challenging to satisfy information needs. Business users need information and insights that they can act on. SquareOne Telecom Analytics team will partner with you to enable information management, ensure that the right information is available to the right people.


  • Optimization of investments and performance to helps operators improve ROI through better product management, sales initiatives, and resource and asset utilization.
  • Multidimensional Analysis, What if Analysis, Forecasting, Hot Spot Analysis, Churn Analytics.
  • Effective model/micro model management with role based access and views to enable effective decision support for business users.
  • Enhance customer loyalty by helping marketers understand churn drivers and predict subscriber churn thus preventing revenue leakage.
  • Enable Fact based decisions by exploring subscriber behaviour, factors contributing to churn, drivers contributing to usage, impact of brand touch points on churn to arrive at insights that support various business initiatives both at a strategic and tactical level.
  • Build Business user friendly model evaluation reports, enable accurate and easy interpretation of predictive models.
  • Unlike the generic tools which requires heavy customization and long deployment timelines, our solutions are built on telecom specific KPIs and modules keeping the need of business users in mind. This results in quick deployment and users can see ROIs much earlier compared to the other tools in the market.
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