Enterprise Print Management

Enterprise Print Management

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Security & Compliance

More secure printing shouldn’t mean more complicated printing. With print management software, your organization can balance security and control with ease-of-use and convenience. The number of security breaches large and small continue to increase year over year. These breaches are not isolated to one industry but cut across a variety of industries including healthcare, finance or entertainment. Printers and MFPs play a major role in an organization’s transfer of information. As such, print security should be considered vital to a comprehensive IT security strategy.


Data & document security

Security is built in at every step – from submission through output – thanks to secure data encryption. Plus, secure Follow-You Printing ensures no printed document is ever left unattended at a printer or MFP.

Regulatory compliance & information governance

Print management solutions help your organization stay compliant for all electronic information and paper documents.

Network security

Integration with Active Directory makes full adherence to your corporate network security standards and processes a breeze.

User authentication

From card readers to network credentials, print management  software supports common authentication techniques across all printers and MFPs – regardless of type or brand – to work seamlessly with your entire fleet.


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