Enterprise Print Management

Enterprise Print Management

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Workforces are more mobile and distributed than ever, needing to print from any device – smartphones, tablets, laptops – to any printer on the network. Now you can support the growing demands of mobile printing while maintaining complete control over print management. Improve flexibility of your print infrastructure. Enhance document security on your network. Increase productivity of your employees. All while reducing print costs and eliminating waste.

Mobile workers can:


Quickly find available printers wherever they’re located

  • Easily print documents from any mobile device to any networked printer or MFP
  • Securely release documents on-demand to ensure confidentiality

Mobile Pull Print

Companies can enable more printers with Pull Print functionality. Using their smart phone, users scan a QR code label on an any single function printer (SFP) or MFP enabled with Mobile Pull Print, thus identifying themselves at the device. The mobile pull print allows secure document release on devices that don’t normally support it. It allows users to see whats in their queue and release those jobs to the printer they are standing at from their mobile device.

Mobile Print

Many people do much of their work on the road, using devices such as mobile phones, laptops or tablets.

Mobile Print allows users to remotely submit documents for printing, and output them later when they reach a printer on the company network.


Your organization creates and shares valuable information at a high speed and volume, throughout the work day. Nuance can provide your business with the tools to reduce the risk of vulnerabilities to your network from printers and MFPs know more…


Every Pharos solution is designed to make people more mindful about their printing choices while providing an experience that is simple, secure and flexible know more…

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