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Enterprise Print Management

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Managed Print Services

Managed print services (MPS) — a rapidly growing business practice in which customers outsource full management of their print fleets — promises to transform the cost and complexity of self-managed printing into the simplicity of an all-inclusive, vendor-managed service that customers pay for at a specified cost per-page.
Print Management and MPS imaging product manufacturers, industry solutions providers and analysts have been talking for years about the need for organizations to bring their unmanaged print fleets under control. Describing printing as “the last great area of uncontrolled costs,” Gartner estimates that active management of office printing will reduce spending by 10 to 30 percent. Beyond its hard-dollar costs, unmanaged printing represents an unsustainable waste of resources, a drain on efficiency, a headache for it and — in many organizations — a risk to security and compliance.


But while MPS engagements make print costs predictable, a device-focused approach alone stops short of delivering the far greater benefits that come from focusing on the user. MPS integrated with a print management solution will help customers do much more than merely shift their current print volumes to fewer printers. They will streamline their document-, imaging- and print-related workflows and achieve the changes in user behavior that produce sustained reductions in print volumes, waste and costs.
While many MPS engagements concentrate on making print costs predictable by assessing and optimizing the print fleet, such a device- focused approach stops short of delivering the far greater benefits that come from focusing on the user.


With print management integrated into an MPS engagement, organizations can gain a complete picture of their current print activity and better match devices to actual user requirements.
More importantly, by focusing on the user, print management can deliver the more significant results that a device-centric MPS engagement alone cannot: the streamlining of business processes and the change in user behavior that result in more responsible printing. this is what leads to long-term, sustainable productivity improvements and cost reductions.


  • Green initiative
  • Cost control and allocation
  • Control and Reporting
  • Proactive support
  • Stock management and delivery for consumables
  • No capital investment, keep organization books lighter
  • Removing none added value processes with MPS and focus on core business
  • Free up man power and resources.
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