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Legacy Modernization

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If you are struggling with customized packages or aging systems that are expensive to maintain and slow to change, we can help. OutSystems breaks the stalemate, helping you rebuild large systems in months instead of years. By combining fast visual development, easy integration, and rock-solid scalability, you can digitally re-platform with confidence and speed.

  • Speed to Succeed
  • Scale Without Risk
  • Future-Proof Delivery
  • Ensure Business Continuity
  • Reuse and Extend
  • Manage and Refactor

Speed to Succeed

Visual development to deliver complex, core systems in months, not years, with your existing team.

Scale Without Risk

Deliver with confidence using an architecture that scales to millions of transactions and users.

Ensure Business Continuity

IT and business teams can iterate and deliver new processes fast without disrupting current operations.

Reuse and Extend

IT can extend existing legacy systems with reusable components for fast and easy integration.

Manage and Refactor

Hundreds of interdependent service components to create a flexible architecture that you can reconfigure easily with no technical debt.


OutSystems is the only low-code platform with advanced enterprise features. From departmental apps to mission-critical systems with millions of users, you get enterprise-grade scale and security already built into the platform.

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