Enterprise Print Management

Enterprise Print Management

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Intelligent Toner Reduction

Achieve significant cost savings by reducing your organization’s overall toner usage, without compromising print quality. Optimize the use of toner and ink in your environment and you’ll see an additional savings upto 70%  on your total consumable spend. Define your preferred level of toner savings and it will be automatically applied to every printed document. Or, define toner reduction levels for specific applications.

You can also customize your print settings based on the toner output needs of individual departments and job roles.

With Pixel Optimization technology, you can customize settings for your various applications; for example, 50% less toner for e-mails, and only 15% less toner for PowerPoint presentations. Such choices immediately reduce resource usage and the cost of each print.

Pharos Blueprint Enterprise integrates, Pixel Optimization technology to Identify and remove wasteful pixels from your print jobs. Savings are significant. Blueprint allows you to customize a Toner Savings Policy that’s tailored to your organization’s individual departments and job responsibilities, giving you the Flexibility and control your print environment demand.

With Pixel Optimization technology, you can customize settings for your various applications: 50 percent less toner for e-mails, for instance, while only 10 or 15 percent less toner for certain PowerPoint presentations. Such choices immediately impact the use of resources . . . and, to be sure, the cost of each print.
The Toner Saving Policy optimizes the usage of toner and ink, offering savings of up to 70% on your consumable spent.

IT TAKES ONE GALLON of fossil oil to produce one laser cartridge, and 2-1/2 ounces of oil to manufacture each new inkjet cartridge.

ENERGY USED to manufacture 350 million cartridges is enough to make tens of thousands of Sport Utility Vehicles (SUVs).


Every Pharos solution is designed to make people more mindful about their printing choices while providing an experience that is simple, secure and flexible know more…

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