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Data Preparation


Analytics projects typically require six or more data sources ― and nearly half will incorporate external data too. Smart, agile, and trusted data preparation breaks through the barriers to success. Alteryx empowers analysts to work with data at speed ― visually sourcing, blending, and enriching it to power analytics across the enterprise.


Trusted insight starts with data that’s complete and statistically sound. Easy to read visuals show the statistical distribution of the data, as well as grade the completeness of each value ― providing perspective on data integrity. Quickly enhance data by blending in supplemental data, eliminating nulls, investigating issues, and normalizing and standardizing values.


Your databases ― Amazon Redshift, Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, Cloudera Impala, Spark, and Teradata ― provide powerful built-in data processing. Alteryx embraces it. In-database processing pushes down queries, formulas, and filters and joins directly to the database using native database operations to maximize performance. So your data preparation process isn’t just intuitive ― it’s scalable too.


The best analytics is based on the best and most timely data. Alteryx empowers analysts to effortlessly connect, prep, cleanse, blend, and join data from databases, cloud and on-premise apps, social sources, unstructured data, spreadsheets, and more. Iterative, visual workflows accelerate every step of the data preparation and blending process ― while maximizing reuse and governance.


Unchecked, analysts can spend up to 80% of their time data-wrangling in spreadsheets. Alteryx simplifies this task with an intuitive no-code user interface that is up to 100 times faster than traditional approaches. Frictionless connectivity to sources and targets, drag-and-drop visual workflows, repeatability through reuse, and sharing all work together to maximize productivity.

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