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The velocity of data and decision making is accelerating. It’s never been more important to create a foundation of truth and relevancy to support better, faster decisions in a governed environment. Embracing data and master-data management, elevating data quality, easily finding the most relevant information assets, and making decisions based on a shared understanding of how business works, has never been more essential.


Data is scattered everywhere. What if you could instantly locate the information, apps, visualizations, reports, and workflows created by your organization to analyze it ― faster and smarter? Alteryx Connect provides an asset catalog, business glossary, data discovery, data lineage, collaboration, and asset certification to provide a trusted hub for everyone to share and discover information.


The right decisions require a foundation of strong data and master-data management. Alteryx puts data quality management in the hands of analysts, enabling them to improve data accuracy through data enrichment, fuzzy matching capabilities, and transparent workflows. This helps them better understand data changes throughout the preparation, blending, and integration process.


The thrill of discovering insight is a team sport. Data collaboration enables everyone to keep score by annotating, discussing, and rating information assets, such as reports, metrics, workflow, and more. Together, they can provide expert business context and empower everyone to collaborate to make more informed decisions.


Your data is surrounded by valuable metadata ― names, types, relationships, and more. Harvesting and managing metadata is essential to cut the risk of inconsistent or incorrect decisions. Alteryx centralizes all your metadata from across databases and apps like Oracle, Salesforce, Amazon RedShift, Tableau, and Microsoft SQL Server, as well as Alteryx information, all in a single, trusted asset catalog.


A business glossary keeps everyone on the same page ― metrics, KPIs, reports, and the definitions of what they all mean. It’s the dictionary that drives business decisions, Alteryx Connect enables teams to upload terms and definitions, share them, assign stewardships, and link them to corresponding reports. No more confusion, no more inconsistency ― just one version of the truth.

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