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Xen App & Xen Desktop

Deliver secure virtual apps and desktops

Provide secure remote access to employees while cutting IT costs.

Only Citrix provides a complete virtual app and desktop solution to meet all your needs from a single, easy-to-deploy platform. Give employees the freedom to work from anywhere while cutting IT costs. Deliver Windows, Linux, web, and SaaS applications or full virtual desktops to workers on any device, anywhere.

Go beyond virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI)

Virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) provides employees with access to their Windows desktop from any device. VDI offers critical benefits to IT, including improved security and centralized desktop management. Citrix XenDesktop goes beyond standard VDI appliance solutions to deliver not only fully functioning virtual Windows desktops, but also the apps employees need to remain productive.

High-definition user experience on any device

Providing a centralized computing experience that looks and feels the same as that of a local PC can prove challenging. Citrix HDX Technology (HDX) delivers a high-definition user experience on any device, over any network, that is equal to or superior than a traditional workspace. Included in both XenApp and XenDesktop, HDX represents over 25 years of innovation from Citrix on perfecting remote access to apps and desktops. The result is optimized performance and a delightful experience for employees—enabling them to focus on the task at hand and maximize productivity—while also ensuring proper IT control and compliance.

Eliminate the challenges and complexity of a Windows 10 migration with a virtual desktop solution

Employees are upgrading their personal devices to Windows 10 at a record rate—and managing and performing a controlled OS migration is no longer in the hands of corporate IT. Businesses need to formulate a strategy to maintain productivity and support their employees regardless of the user’s chosen endpoint device or operating system.

Access web and SaaS applications in a virtual browser with zero endpoint configuration

Web browsers are the most common published applications on XenApp. To ease the delivery of specific browser-based apps to users—regardless of their chosen browser—Citrix offers Secure Browser. Secure Browser is a virtual browser that provides secure access to web and SaaS applications using any browser over any network, without the setup and hassle of a VPN.


  • Boost productivity with anywhere access
  • Protect sensitive information
  • Bring your own device
  • Deliver engineering and design apps to any device
  • Reduce cost and complexity of application and desktop management


  • Adaptive to changing business needs XenDesktop addresses a broad range of use cases by delivering a full desktop or just an application based on an individual employee’s role or device. A rich set of capabilities and a flexible architecture enable IT to be more agile in meeting the needs of a rapidly changing workplace.
  • Secure by design XenDesktop reduces the risk of data loss and prevents unwanted intrusions by securely delivering access to business applications on demand to any user, anywhere. The mechanisms employed are certified to Common Criteria and FIPS 140-2 standards, further demonstrating the “secure by design” aspect of XenDesktop.
  • High-definition experience (HDX) from any device HDX technology delivers a superior user experience on any device. HDX goes beyond any competing solution to ensure employees have a native-like experience wherever they are, even when network connections are less than ideal.