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“100% Open Source Business Intelligence and Big Data analytics”

Turn your data into knowledge, for effective decision making!

SpagoBI suite is an free/open source enterprise-grade software, particularly flexible and adaptable to the end-users’ needs, involving a vibrant community.


  • Reporting: Realize structured reports and export them using the most suitable format (HTML, PDF, XLS, XML, TXT, CSV, RTF).
  • Multidimensional analysis (OLAP): Expore your data on different detail levels and from different perspectives, through drill-down, drill-across, slice-and-dice, drill-through processes.
  • Charts: Develop ready-to-use charts according to your single charts (e.g. histograms, pie charts, bar charts, area charts, scatter diagrams, line charts, bubble charts, dispersion charts) and interactive ones (e.g. temporal sliders, add/delete series). Use it separately or aggregate them into a cockpit for a richer view on your data!
  • KPIs: SpagoBI offers a complete set of tools to create, manage, view and browse KPI hierarchy models, through different methods, calculation rules, thresholds and alarm rules.
  • Interactive cockpits: Aggregate different analysis into a single view, set navigation paths, and explore your data a dynamic and graphical way.
  • Ad-hoc reporting: Self-create your multi-sheet reports, including tables, cross-tables and charts.
  • Location Intelligence: Visualize your business data on maps (i.e. static map catalogues or web mapping/feature services) and interact dynamically to get instant views.
  • Free Inquiry: A QbE (Query by Example) engine makes data exploration and navigation particularly intuitive and easy, thanks to an entirely graphical and web-based interface. Then save your queries for future use.
  • Data mining: Advanced data analysis allowing you to extract knowledge from large volumes of data, to improve your decision-making and business strategies.
  • Network analysis: Visualize and interpret relations among entities through specialized views. An entity can be animate (e.g. social media users) or inanimate (e.g. countries, companies, projects).
  • ETL: SpagoBI integrates the open source product TOS (Talend Open Studio), to load data into the data warehouse and managing them at your convenience.
  • Collaboration: Create structured report dossiers, enrich your analysis with personal notes and comments posted by users. Then share them through a collaborative workflow.
  • Office automation: Publish your personal documents into your BI environment, integrating common Office tools (Open Office or MS Office).
  • Masterdata management: Users can write back to the database and modify table data through an intuitive user interface, whose behavior can be set by means of simple configuration parameters, using pre-defined models.
  • External processes: Manage your analytical processes, which can run in the background or be scheduled to start and stop at a scheduled time.


  • A holistic approach, based on the continuative involvement of a wide community of users, companies and organization;
  • Integration of cutting-edge technologies into a coherent and modular software architecture, in order to address all market’s needs;
  • Agile, quality software development, to help you achieve your goals since your first steps;
  • A complete set of support services, provided by qualified specialists, consultants and developers.
  • Fosters knowledge and expertise sharing.
  • Free/open source enterprise-grade software.
  • Guaranteed permanent transparency, openness, sustainability and availability of software.
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