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RPA for Telecom


5G is driving monumental change in the telecommunications industry. To achieve the next level of connectivity, communication service providers (CSP) must automate processes to improve operational efficiency, elevate field operations, and enhance customer experience across a multitude of offerings including voice and broadband. As competition expands from over-the-top (OTT) players and device manufacturers, telecom organizations need to look at non-traditional approaches to save cost, drive revenue, and improve data and transmission solutions.

Support the Connected Consumer

Use RPA to access user habits and preferences and deliver more personalized data services and products.

Increase Operational Agility & Efficiency

Implement RPA to reduce operational costs and reporting errors in legacy systems and streamline migration to new technology platforms.

Enable Rapid Growth

Deploy your Digital Workforce to support human counterparts and scale to meet the demands of your network customers.


Digitization offers telecom companies an opportunity to rebuild and expand market positions, reimagine business systems, and create innovative offerings for customers. Bring in the new era of networking by modernizing your operations. RPA can help telecom organizations become successful multiservice providers.

Consider RPA to:

Improve call center performance

Leverage your Digital Workforce to decrease call resolution time. While agents are on the phone, bots can look up critical customer information, enabling agents to improve First Call Resolution (FCR) metrics and increasing customer satisfaction.

Speed up customer onboarding

Automate manual order to activation (O2A) process to quickly and efficiently activate customers. Speedy activation increases customer satisfaction and improves revenue cycle management.

Improve Network Management

Use RPA to help with enterprise planning to improve networks, including changes to performance management, network design and network digitization.

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