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Intelligent Data Management Cloud

One cloud platform. Every cloud-native service you will ever need for data management. Introducing the industry’s first and most comprehensive AI-powered data management platform.

In the cloud, the only thing you own is your data

With clouds for sales, marketing and analytics, the critical piece you’re missing is a cloud dedicated to all your data. Now you can manage and innovate with your data on any platform, any cloud, for any user in multi-cloud and multi-hybrid environments.


c15-plaform-scale-icon-1.svg  Cloud-native / AI-powered

Now effortlessly scale for all enterprise workloads with elastic and serverless processing. Get faster insights when you apply AI and ML to your data and metadata.

c15-plaform-comprehensive-icon-2.svg  Multi-cloud / multi-hybrid

Most organizations run on multi-cloud and multi-hybrid environments. Now you can run, interoperate, and support any combination of cloud and hybrid infrastructures.

c15-plaform-modern-icon-3.svg  Low code / no code

Now empower all your data practitioners with a low-code / no-code experience. Get the highest level of security, data quality, data governance and privacy.

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