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Electronic Seals

Protect your corporate documents with automated signing processes

Legal Entity Signing

Often organisations need to sign documents as a legal entity rather than an individual person signing. Documents sent by organisations over the internet need authenticity and integrity, both for compliance reasons and to ensure trust in the corporate brand. Examples include:

e-Invoices – A company sending e-invoices to its customers.

e-Statements – An internet banking site allowing users to download their e-statements

e-Bills – A utility company issuing monthly bills in electronic format to its customers

e-Receipts – An online shop providing e-receipts to its retail customers

What are e-Seals?

E-Seals are technically speaking digital signatures but where the signing key belongs to a legal entity (e.g. a corporation) and often the signature is applied by a business application rather than a human. The SigningHub engine can e-seal documents using multiple corporate or departmental-level PKI signing keys. These signing keys are managed centrally in a Hardware Security Module (HSM) or encrypted database. The signing keys can be certified by our partner CAs under either the Adobe® AATL or the EU eIDAS Qualified programmes:

Adobe® AATL e-Sealed

Automatically recognised inside freely available Adobe® Reader

Qualified e-Sealed

eIDAS compliant Qualified e-Sealed documents are legally accepted across the EU

High Performance Bulk E-Sealing

Most large companies send out a huge volume of documents every month. To meet this demand the SigningHub engine can churn out millions of e-seals per month – all automatically without human intervention.

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