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Banking IPOM – Inline Promotions and Offer Management

BankIQ IPOM – Inline Promotions and Offer Management is designed to enable precision contextual marketing using Customer Profile, Current Context, and Pattern Over ‘recent’ Period of Time. It can also do cross-channel session co-relation and “significant purchase” recommendations for improving ‘Optin’ with better Offers and with better Response rates. IPOM system is already UPI ready and also can work based on triggers from Mobile-App/Net Banking/ATM and can work at sub-sec speeds of 1000 TPS + Transaction Volumes. The product provides flexibility to accommodate more data and external events. It can also be enabled to be used for real-time promotions and offers through mobile apps and online transactions.

Marketers often have to maintain hundreds of promotional offers. With IPOM, a centralized Recommendation engine automates the process of selecting personalized, relevant offers and delivers them on Mobile-App/UPI App in Real-time. It comes with Automated personalization engine that picks the right offer from a central catalogue, applies business rules to easily define which customers are eligible for offers, decide the priority of multiple offers using static and calculated weightings. It also builds rich Customer profiles in real-time, allowing you to deliver more relevant and personalized offers as customer activities change.

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